Smile, Dream Interpretation

Showing that one has favor

Smiling in a dream means happiness and true adherence to one’s religion.

To dream of smiling is a happy omen, whether you were smiling or observed others smiling. You are likely to have an unanticipated reward for a long-forgotten favor.

1. If one is smiling warmly, he/she is satisfied with achieve­ments.

2. If someone is smiling warmly at the dreamer, that person is satisfied with the dreamer’s achievements.

3. If some­one is smiling sarcastically, then the feeling is critical.

A smile, in “real life” and in dreams signify a gesture of friendship, acceptance, goodwill, warmth, civility, affinity and happiness.

Smile | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of seeing a smiley face symbol, you are pleased with your achievements. This dream can also mean that you are looking for something or someone that will make you happy.... My Dream Interpretation
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