Snob, Dream Interpretation

Revealing a superiority complex; see “pride”

If someone in your dream is snobby. you may have trouble and disappointment in some situation.

If you act like a snob in your dream, you must be more careful to treat friends and family with respect, or risk losing their affection.

Snob | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

The meaning of your dream about seeing or sitting in a cafe depends on how fancy it was.

If the cafe was very posh or snobby, the dream is a warning that you will encounter temporary setbacks or a sudden extra demand on your resources. This might be in the form of an unexpected expense.

If the cafe was a type you would normally go to, the dream signifies pleasant social activities connected with friends.... My Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of watercolors, drawings, or modern pictures, predicts minor changes.

If you were impressed by an oil painting in your dream, it is a warning that social snobbery will result in lost opportunities.

To dream of looking at photographs or slides forecasts the pleasant renewal of an old friendship.

If your dream concerned having your portrait painted, or having a portrait photograph taken, it foretells disenchantment in love.

To give or receive a portrait in your dream is a warning of deceptive flattery around you.

A dream of seeing someone else sitting for a portrait signifies a rise in your status.

If you dreamed of a landscape picture, the meaning depends on your reaction to the picture.

If it seemed beautiful or pleasing, you will have bright future prospects. But if it was ugly or unpleasant, be prepared for a period of dissatisfaction. Also see “Photograph” and “Photo Album”, above.... My Dream Interpretation

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