Socks, Dream Interpretation

Socks bring warmth and comfort to the feet. Throwing away a pair of socks may signify a readiness to let go or to go beyond your comfort zone. Having mixed socks in a dream may comment that you are wearing two identities in the world Or it may represent an embarrassment.

A covering of protection for one’s steps, unseen by others; see “stockings”; research style, i.E. Color, etc.

See Stocking.

To dream that you are only wearing socks (no shoes) indicates your warmth and your flexibility of understanding.

(See Stockings).

To dream of putting on socks foretells, for a maiden, an indiscreet situation that will arise wish her lover.

For a man it is a warning against unfaithfulness.

If a woman dreams of attending church wearing short Socks, it is a forerunner of quarrels with her husband or sweetheart.

Washing socks in a dream is an augury of both a successful love affair and a happy married life.

Socks | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

it symbolises the security of a person’s livelihood.

If they are ot defective it means he will continue to receive lawful sustenance. At times it symbolises grief and sorrow as well.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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