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Expansions Dream Dictionary

Easy life of happiness. ... Expansions Dream Dictionary


Christian Dream Symbols

Refreshing, good news, Prov. 25:25... Christian Dream Symbols


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To be given to dram-drinking in your dreams, omens ill-natured rivalry and contention for small possession.

To think you have quit dram-drinking, or find that others have done so, shows that you will rise above present estate and rejoice in prosperity. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Determines one’s portion in life; research the type of drink and container... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Beverage) Drinking an unknown sweet drink or a glass of a cold and fresh water in a dream means guidance, knowledge, having good taste, and the diligence of the people of the path. Drinking a glass of cold sweet water in the early morning in a dream means lawful earnings and profits for everyone, except for someone who is used to drinking hot boiled water which means sickness, stress, depression and a scare from evil spirits. Any yellow colored drink in a dream means sickness. Drinking an infusion of a violet flower in a dream means recovering from an illness, or avoiding certain food in one’s diet.

If one is unwillingly drinking a bitter medicinal syrup in a dream, it means that he might suffer a light illness.

If he drinks apple juice or honey or myrtle drink or any other delicious drink in a dream, it means happiness for a rich person and bad news for a poor person. Drinkinga glass of apple juice in a dream means benefits drawn from a servant or an employee, a service offered by a powerful person, or it could mean a stressful life.

If one drinks something to cure an illness in a dream, it means recovering from that illness if it exists. Otherwise, it means that he might suffer from such an illness and take such a drink as a cure. Any constipating drink in a dream means stinginess, while taking a laxative in a dream means generosity.

A headache reliever or a pain killer means kindness or diplomacy and the same goes for any drink that cleanses the kidney. Beside that, drinks denote architecture, religious studies, addressing matters promptly or hiding secrets. Colorful drinks in a dream represent happiness, joy, festivities, celebrations and correcting one’s behavior. Fruit drinks in a dream may denote the fruit itself. Drinking rose water in a dream means lack of trust in someone’s promises. Drinking an unknown but fragrant drink in a dream means strengthening one’s certitude, loyalty or fulfilling one’s vow. Drinking a smelly or a spoiled drink and particularly in a golden cup or a silver cup in a dream means denying the true source of favors or becoming an apostate.

If one sees a deceased person handing him a sweet and a fragrant drink in a dream, it means guidance or admonition and it could mean that the deceased person dwells in paradise. Drinking with a regular cup in a dream represents the last drink. Drinking an unknown drink in a dream also represents the drink of the righteous and elect among God’s creation. (Also see Cold water)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

To absorb or take something subtle into oneself. This may be taking in feelings such as pleasure; absorbing a mood; drinking in’ our surroundings. When connected with thirst: suggests needs or longings being met.

If in company with someone of the opposite sex, or a group: taking in the plea­sure or otherwise of the relationship or group. Sometimes connected with childhood emotional need See alcohol. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Images of a drink usually appear when the dreamer is actually thirsty. It can also relate to taking pleasure in love What did you drink?

See Thirst, Cup, Glass, Water, Wine, Tears.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- To be drinking in a dream is to be absorbing or taking something in. What we are drinking is also important, e.g. fruit juice would indicate we are aware of the need for cleansing and purity.

The colour of what is being drunk is also important (see Alcohol and Colours).

2- Drinking in a dream may indicate our need for comfort and sustenance. As a basic requirement for life, drinking symbolises the interplay between the inner need to sustain life and external availability of nourishment.

3- Spiritually there is a belief that the drinking of wine is, or symbolises, the imbibing of Divine life and power.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


The Complete Dream Book

To drink warm water is bad; to drink muddy water is very bad; to drink clear water is a good sign; to drink thick wine is very good; to drink white wine signifies health; to drink milk is an exceedingly good sign; to drink vinegar signifies discomfort.... The Complete Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book

If you dream that you are thirsty and cannot find water, it shows misfortune.

If the water is dirty or muddy, it is a bad sign, as also if it is warm or hot. But to Drink clear fresh water is a very good sign. It is also fortunate to Drink milk. See MILK, WINE.... Mystic Dream Book


Strangest Dream Explanations

Drinking in a dream indicates that you are thirsting for connection, mental stimulation, or a spiritual connection.

If the drink is satisfying, then you are content with the answers, energy, and substance you are receiving.

If the drink did not satisfy your thirst, then you are still on a quest to find the answers or energy you need to quench your thirst.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Spiritually there is a belief that the drinking of wine is, or symbolizes, the imbibing of divine life and power.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: Drinking, not necessarily of wine, in a dream may indicate our need for comfort and sustenance. Drinking – the taking in of liquid – symbolizes the interplay between the inner need to sustain life and external availability of nourishment. It also suggests our requirement for emotions that flow rather than getting stuck.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: To be drinking in a dream is to be absorbing or taking something in. What we are drinking is also important, e.G. Fruit juice would indicate we are aware of the need for cleansing and purity.

The colour of what is being drunk is also important.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are drinking water, represents spiritual refreshment. You will find fulfillment and peace by looking within yourself and your past.

To dream that you are drinking alcohol, denotes that you are seeking either pleasure or escape.

To dream of drinking alcohol in excess, signifies feelings of insecurity and regrets. You worry that people will discover who you really are.... My Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

For a woman to dream of hilarious drinking, denotes that she is engaging in affairs which may work to her discredit, though she may now find much pleasure in the same.

If she dreams that she fails to drink clear water, though she uses her best efforts to do so, she will fail to enjoy some pleasure that is insinuatingly offered her. See Water. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


New American Dream Dictionary

1. A spiritual or intellectual “thirst.” 2. Misfortune (to drink bad or dirty water).

3. Beware of accidents caused by carelessness or alcoholic drinking (to drink liquor).

4. Celebra­tions in the offing (social alcoholic drinking).

5. Possible alco­holism, loss of reputation (drinking too much alcohol). ... New American Dream Dictionary


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Drinking hot water from the boiler in a dream means sickness, stress, depression and a scare from evil spirits.

If one sees himself drinking cold refreshing water from the regular water tab in a dream, it means comfort and joy. (Also see Cup; Drink; Mug)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


The Complete Dream Book

For a person to dream of drinking water, lemonade, gingerale, or another soft drink while others are indulging in hard liquor is a sign that his or her personality will be of great advantage.... The Complete Dream Book


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Drinking from a Spring: your health will improve. Drinking Wine means pleasant hours with good people. Drinking .Alcohol: you have a tendency for self-delusion and running away from reality. You want to find courage in the bottle but achieve the opposite. Drinking Milk: enjoy life in a healthy and simple way.

Depth Psychology: You have a severe craving! Is it desire or passion or addiction? Are you trying to satisfy physical needs or spiritual desires?... Dreamers Dictionary


Psycho Dream Interpretation

Drinking alcoholic beverages in a dream version of escape from distasteful realities.

If drunkenness is the theme, the dreamer is losing control of responsibilities and wishes to be relieved.

To see someone else drunk, the dreamer looks upon that person as an irresponsible dependent. Drinking water or milk in a dream is often the result of a bodily need, either thirst or hunger.... Psycho Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Drinking camel milk without milking it means the person will acquire lawful wealth from someone who is physically strong, wields power and commands respect.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Drinking clean water from a river suggests that he will enjoy a certain ni’mah and bounty of Allah and live a clean and pure life.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Cup)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Drinking any of these means loss of wealth as a result of which he will be grieved.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of drinking water from a fountain is a positive omen, meaning that you have the strength of character to solve all your current problems. Look within and trust your instincts.... My Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person sees himself drinking fresh milk (not whey or curd) of a known animal, it implies that he will acquire wealth that is halaal and lawful.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

To see a number of drinking glasses means there will be sudden arguments between you and your lover.

A single glass indicates the need for a short vacation.

To break a glass means that you are going to have to suddenly change plans you have made.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Islamic Dream Interpretation

His wife will deceive him and be unfaithful to him.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person sees himself drinking or being fed milk from the breast of a woman, it means he will either be imprisoned or find himself in utter poverty, as the maximum period for suckling is tow years. Anything beyond that means imprisonment or dire straits.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person dreams that he is drinking sea water and the water is not turbid or muddy nor are any waves seen in such waters it means he will acquire as much of the wealth of this world as the amount of water he had drunk. Moreover he shall lead a clean and happy life. But if the water is brackish or filthy or the ocean is shrouded in darkness or the water assumes the form of huge, frightening waves it suggest he will be afflicted with grief, fear and hardship, the intensity of which will depend on how much of the above conditions prevail in the water or ocean.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

The person seeing this is to become prosperous. He will also overpower his enemy.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

The One who drinks the milk will attain much blessings and barakah in the near future.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

It means severe illness with no hope of recovery.

And Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala knows best.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Drinking such milk means a person will commit evil through his intellect and wealth.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

It means profound grief and sorrow.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person sees himself drinking dirty or muddy water from a river it means he will suffer grief, anguish and heartache, the extend depending on the amount he drinks of such water.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Consuming clean, sweet water in the dream means he will enjoy a clean and happy life provided he does not know its quantity nor is he aware of himself being in a state of tuhr nor does he know himself to be on a journey in a strange, unknown place.

The same applies if the water is not sweet. But it the water is brackish and muddy, it means he will suffer from some ailment or disease whose seriousness will depend on how brackish or muddy the water is.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Drinking win with another means the drinker will quarrel with that person with regards to his livelihood provided there is a dining table between them.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

the one who drinks the milk will attain much goodness in that if he is in grief he will soon find relief and if he is a destitute he will become rich.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Celebration.Emotions being swallowed or ingested.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Bacon: To slice bacon indicates the coming death of a loved one.

To eat bacon means triumph over enemies.

If you are smoking or curing bacon, someone close to you will become ill.

Biscuit / Cookie: There will be great rejoicing.

Boiled or Roast Meat: You will tend to be melancholy and dwell a lot on the past.

Brandy: Indicative of living “high off the hog with little thought for tomorrow and little regard for your friends.

Bread: To smell bread means you will be given an opportunity to make some money.

A loaf of bread handed to you could mean a new child on the way.

To slice bread is to divide up your luck into small amounts.

To eat fresh bread is to enjoy good friendship.

To eat stale bread is to open yourself up to possible sickness.

Butter: You will have good fortune mixed with sadness. Wealth to come, but at a price.

Cabbage: To dream of eating cabbage means you will receive good luck.

To dream of cooking cabbage means you will go into debt.

Cake: Eating cake means good luck. Strangely, if a woman dreams she is eating wedding cake, it means she will have a period of bad luck.

To make and bake a cake means you will bring your own luck.

Capon: You have been deceived in your affections.

Champagne: Symbolizes money.

A bottle of champagne is the chance to make money.

To drink champagne is to receive money.

To toast a newly married couple with champagne is to be assured of success in business.

Cheese: Vexation; frustration, but final success.

Chocolate: Eating or drinking chocolate means that you will soon be going through an illness, though not a serious one.

Coffee: To drink or smell coffee is a sign of long life.

Corn: Corn on the cob indicates coming financial gain. Corn growing in a field means you will have a good and happy marriage. Popcorn means a sudden, unexpected windfall.

Cream: If you are drinking cream, you will receive an unexpected gift.

If you spill cream, you will have to pay an unexpected bill.

Eeels: Malicious enemies.

Egg: A wealth of family love.

Flour: To see flour, either packaged or at the mill, means it is a good time to invest, but don’t put all your money into one thing.

Ham: You will meet a very jolly person.

Honey: You are being falsely sweet to someone and it shows!

Jam / Jelly: To dream of putting up jam preserves means you will develop good friends among your neighbors.

Lettuce: To dream of lettuce is good, according to the Gypsies.

For a woman, it signifies a wonderful time to come with her lover(s).

For a man, it signifies the attention of a number of beautiful women.

Liquor / Liquers: You may do something you will very much regret afterwards.

Macaroni: A symbol of great distress.

Milk / Milking: To dream of drinking milk indicates you will be very lucky in love.

To dream of milking a cow means you will have to work at winning the person you desire, but you will eventually be successful.

Millet: A sign of poverty

Mustard: There will be a number of family quarrels.

Oysters: To dream that you are eating oysters is a very favorable sign, usually signifying a large family.

If you are married, your spouse will be very much in love with you and you will have several children; if you are not married, you soon will be and then will go on to have children.

Pancakes: Seeing, cooking, or eating pancakes means that some of the things you presently think of as curses in your life are going to turn out to be blessings.

Pastry: To be eating pastries means you will miss an important appointment. You could suffer illness at a most inconvenient time.

Rice: As with millet, a sign of poverty.

Salad: Various embarrassments.

Salmon: A sign of deceit.

To eat salmon means you will discover the deceiver.

Salt: You will be recognized for great wisdom.

Sausages: You will be accused of interfering in some one else’s love affair.

Soup: You will return to good health.

Vinegar: You will labor in vain for a while.

Wine: To dream that you are drinking wine is a good omen. It prognosticates health, wealth, long life, and happiness.

If you are in love, you will marry the person you adore.

If you are married, you will draw especially close to your spouse.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Islamic Dream Interpretation

This suggest that he will acquire affluence in the world and progress in matters of Deen.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of drinking a float (a drink of pop and ice cream) foretells happiness and peaceful times with family. It may also suggest that you want to strengthen your bonds with friends and loved ones.... My Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Drawing water from the well and seeing impurities and filth in such water means the person doing so will pollute his wealth with haraam wealth.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person sees himself milking and drinking cow milk it is a glad tiding that he will become rich, or if he is rich his wealth will increase; or if he is a slave he will become free and marry his mistress.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Amazaki)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Gentle... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


My Dream Interpretation

If you dreamed of something soft, it is generally a sign that a situation you are nervous about will turn out better than you expect. However, if the soft items in your dream were animals, it signifies stormy weather ahead in your family or love affairs.... My Dream Interpretation


Christian Dream Symbols

Refreshing ... Christian Dream Symbols


New American Dream Dictionary

Sexual game one plays (i.E., Bat is a phallic symbol, the ball a symbol of the female). ... New American Dream Dictionary


My Dream Interpretation

If you dreamed of seeing/watching a softball game, your cheerfulness will make you a popular friend.

If you played softball in your dream, you will have much pleasure in a current friendship or relationship, but no real comfort.... My Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Pillow)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dreaming about programs installed in your PC may signify patterns of belief that have been programmed into your mind that “run’ or drive your personality. New software— new beliefs may also be installed in your bio computer for per sonal growth.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of software signify your attention and connection with new information. You are on the cutting edge of thought, and your learning curve is sky high, and you are downloading a whole new belief system and/or paradigm. See Computer.... Strangest Dream Explanations


My Dream Interpretation

To see or use a drinking straw in your dream suggests that you have been taking some things for granted. Pay more attention to the people around you. You will find that you will build stronger and more meaningful bonds with them.

To dream that you are buying drinking straws indicates that you are trying to buy your way into a situation or relationship.... My Dream Interpretation


Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

When you dream of the zepher winds, it indicates you think more of love than you do of fortune, and you’ll spend everything you have to capture the object of your affections.

If you are saddened by them the soft winds, your lover will be going away for a long period of time. Soft winds ruffling a child’s hair means the child will have a long and mostly happy life.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation


Encyclopedia of Dreams

When you dream of these it shows that you think more of love then you do of fortune and will spend all to capture the object of your affections.

If you are saddened by them then will your lover be away for a long period of time. Soft winds ruffling a child’s hair means the child will have a long and mostly happy life.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

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