Sold, Dream Interpretation

To dream of being Sold is fair to those who are in poverty. But to the rich and the sick it is ill.

If you dream that you have sold some or all of your possessions it reveals many business worries.

To dream that you have sold anything, denotes that unfavorable business will worry you.

Sold | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Bringing unity where there was division by the trial of fire; see “fire”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. If one identifies with the soldier, it may reflect one readying oneself for battle.

2. One feels guilty about aiding someone. ... New American Dream Dictionary

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

If dreamer in opposition with soldier: things we feel in conflict with; our internal conflicts and involvement with the wars’ or trauma we have experienced.

If dreamer is sol­dier or united with soldiers: our willingness or ability to face internal conflicts and huns. Military service: feeling bound by social or personal disciplines or restrictions; learning strengths and self discipline to meet internal conflicts. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

See roles. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Aggression, but also camaraderie.

If a man dreams about a soldier, it often expresses a longing for connection with other men. See Military Duty, War.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Be prepared for troubles to come.

To see a number of soldiers means more and bigger troubles. See also Meeting.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Ariadne's Book of Dream

A soldier may appear to suggest that it is time to commit to service or to a purpose. He may bring the message that perhaps you have become too patnotic in allegiance to your country. He may also represent a militaristic attitude.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a soldier: be steadfast and stand faithfully by your decision. Being pursued by soldiers: you need to deal with and solve many difficult problems. Women dreaming about a soldier: thev are about to have an affair. Men dreaming about a soldier difficult times are ahead. Dreaming about soldiers at war: tierce confrontations are ahead.

Depth Psychology: The soldier suggests being more disciplined and fitting in better. Practicing self-discipline right now would solve many problems. In women’s dreams, a soldier often expresses sexual needs. See Military’, Officer, Recruit, War.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a soldier implies that you are steadfast in your beliefs and perspectives. You may be trying to persuade others to adopt these same beliefs. You may also be gearing up to offer supporting evidence regarding your principals and morals.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a soldier represent sacrifice and your connection to the hero archetype. Perhaps you are contemplating putting your life on the line and standing for a cause. You may be grappling with issues of life and death. See War, Military and Hero.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of soldiers is a warning against casual love affairs and ill-advised flirtations.

If you dream of being a soldier yourself, you may be preparing yourself do battle over an issue and defend your values and opinions.... My Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To see soldiers marching in your dreams, foretells for you a period of flagrant excesses, but at the same time you will be promoted to elevations above rivals.

To see wounded soldiers, is a sign of the misfortune of others causing you serious complications in your affairs. Your sympathy will outstrip your judgment.

To dream that you are a worthy soldier, you will have literal fulfilment of ideals. Women are in danger of disrepute if they find themselves dreaming of soldiers. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Angels; Travel) Soldiers in a dream represent God’s arc angels and the soldiers of mercy, while mercenaries in a dream represent the soldiers of punishment. Ifone sees himself as a soldier eating his meal inside the chambers of a king in a dream, it means that he will control a land without much efforts on his part.

If one’s name is listed as a soldier in a dream, it represents his welfare, satisfaction, or that he will continue his education.

If a bedridden person sees himselfas a soldier in a camp, or that he is discharged from the army in a dream, it means that his illness will end in his death, or it may mean difficulties, distress and losses.

A gathering of soldiers in a dream means destruction of the wrongdoers and victory of the righteous ones.

A soldier carrying a scourge or arrows in a dream also represents good conduct.

A count of one hundred soldiers in a dream represents the chastisement and calamity which God Almighty inflicts upon the people of the earth because of their sins at the conclusion of each century, or at the beginning of a new one. Seeing one thousand soldiers in a dream represents the blessed Night of Power which occurs near the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

If soldiers are led by a prophet, a king, a wise man, or a man of knowledge in one’s dream, it means victory for the believers.

If one sees an army entering a town in a dream, they could represent rain. (Also see Night of Power)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of being in Christian service, 2 Tim. 2:3. Soldiers may also symbolize spiritual enemies, Eph. 6:12... Christian Dream Symbols

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Force; power; regimentation.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

Seeing soldiers in your dream symbolizes force, power, rigidity, and regimentation.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

Mystic Dream Book

Loss of employment and probably many changes before you settle down once more.... Mystic Dream Book

Psycho Dream Interpretation

Marching soldiers indicate a desire for advancement. Wounded soldiers warn the dreamer of many complications due to bad judgment.... Psycho Dream Interpretation
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