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See “witchcraft”

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(Black magic; Magic arts; Witchcraft) Ifone sees women throwing stones at him using a slingshot in a dream, it means sorcery and a bad spell. Sorcery in a dream also means deception and arrogance.

If one sees himself practicing sorcery, or if he is bewitched by a sorcerer in a dream, it means separation between husband and wife through falsehood. Sorcery in a dream also connotes disbelief, a ruse, shrewdness, or ingratitude.

If the sorcery is done by jinn in the dream, their effects will be stronger. (Also see Magic arts; Spit out)

Sorcery | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of magic and magicians denotes many pleasant happenings in your life and portends happiness and success.

If you dream of seeing a magician you can expect some travel in the near future.

To see others performing this art shows the dreamer will have many profitable changes taking place in his or her life.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

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