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Depth Psychology: Are you selling your soul in the dream? lb whom or why? Your overly materialistic attitude may go as far as you selling yourself. Are you losing your soul? If that is true, you are losing a vital pan of your individuality. How did it come about? The dream is a serious warning, demanding your attention and countermeasures—as soon as possible. See Name.

To dream that you have a lack of soul or no soul, suggests that you are feeling spiritually lost. You need to find yourself and what will make you feel whole as a person.

To dream of seeing your soul leaving your body, or if you dream of selling your soul, this means you are in danger of sacrificing yourself for a useless purpose or a person who doesn’t deserve it. Don’t let this happen, or you will lose your self-respect and become unpleasant to others.

If you imagined that another person’s soul was inside you, you will gain happiness and rewards from a stranger who is yet to come into your life.

If you dream of watching someone onstage, and imagining that your soul is inside of them, you will be outrivaled in some important situation.

To dream that you are discussing the immortality of your soul, signifies that you are smart and thoughtful. Your life will include the pursuit of knowledge and meeting interesting people.

1. Someone is spiritually lost.

2. One is looking for one’s soul.

Dreams of your soul signify lucidity and that you are awakening to your higher self, connecting with your internal guidance system, intuition, and unconditional love that connects you with all people and all of life. See Prophetic Dreams.

To dream of seeing your soul leaving your body, signifies you are in danger of sacrificing yourself to useless designs, which will dwarf your sense of honor and cause you to become mercenary and uncharitable.

For an artist to see his soul in another, foretells he will gain distinction if he applies himself to his work and leaves off sentimental ro^les.

To imagine another’s soul is in you, denotes you will derive solace and benefit from some stranger who is yet to come into your life.

For a young woman musician to dream that she sees another young woman on the stage clothed in sheer robes, and imagining it is her own soul in the other person, denotes she will be outrivaled in some great undertaking.

To dream that you are discussing the immortality of your soul, denotes you will improve opportunities which will aid you in gaining desired knowledge and pleasure of intercourse with intellectual people.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Death; Give up the ghost; To die) In a dream, the return of one’s soul back to its Lord means remitting a trust to its rightful owner, the recovery of a sick person from his illness, the release of a prisoner from jail, or perhaps it could represent the reunion of beloveds.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of meeting or being with your soulmate often represents intense, positive feelings carried over from a waking relationship. On the other hand, if you’re not in a love relationship in real life, this dream suggests that you are not getting enough affection in your daily life. Hug someone!... My Dream Interpretation
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