South, Dream Interpretation

The genital area of self; warmth, lightness, feelings.

The direction of transformation and manifestation, the south brings your vision, needs, and desires into manifestation. Associated with liberation and purification through fire, it liberates the soul from the past. Traveling toward the south is to travel to personal freedom (See Compass. Four directions.)

Symbolic of approching storms, Job 37:9

A warm climate; see “warm” and “hot”

The south in spiritual terms suggests the summer, a time for fun and laughter.

The archangel is michael, the soldier of god.

Psychological / emotional perspective: We are looking towards midday and the right to use the energy we have available.

The magical element is fire and the colour red. Dreams of the south often signify the high point of any endeavour.

Material aspects: When we dream specifically of the south, we are looking to be able to direct our energies successfully. It is the will to do and to be, so a time for action.

Depth Psychology: This “corner of the compass” is a symbol of consciousness that is primarily formed by spiritual experiences and insights.

The South is the land of warmth and will powerfully influence your life. Sec Four Corners of the Compass.

If you dream of a journey Southwards or of being in Southern places it is a good sign in love matters, but not in business.

1. Desire to go to a place where one is safe and warm.

2. Love and passion.

3. Someone’s plan to do something has gone wrong (“gone south”).

Dreams of the direction of the south is symbolic of fire, passion and sexuality. You are either enjoying sensuous expression or you are allowing yourself to express your creativity with joyous abandon as you manifest your heart’s desires. See Summer and Fire.

see Position

(see Directions)

South | Dream Interpretation

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New American Dream Dictionary

Desire for a change of life of some sort, but some­thing that is not too far away from what one is doing now. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Landing in South America in a dream may represent entering a passionate phase of your life where life is colorful and celebratory.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

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To dream about South America implies that you are dealing with a hardship or problem that you are attempting to overcome. It also suggests that you are impulsive.... Dream Symbols and Analysis
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