Span, Dream Interpretation

(Hand; Measure) In a dream, a span denotes architecture, renewing one’s wardrobe, or travel.

A span in a dream also could represent a compass, or the male sexual organ. Ifone sees himselffighting with a spear that measures about a span in the dream, it means that he will seduce a virgin.

Span | Dream Interpretation

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Ariadne's Book of Dream

Steeped in tradition and the need for extended family relationships, being among a group of Hispanics in a dream may represent being embraced by your extended family. Hispanic figures may also porrray strong Catholic religious beliefs. As a play on words it often refers to “his panic.”... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Exciting ideas of a creative nature.... Expansions Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Dog)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Mystic Dream Book

An invitation to a place of amusement.... Mystic Dream Book

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Dog)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Blister beetle) A Spanish fly is a bad omen if seen in a dream by someone who indulged in abominable and loathsome actions. As for the majority of people, seeing a Spanish fly in a dream is more ominous. However, if a druggist, or a pharmacist sees a Spanish fly or a blister beetle in his dream, then they connote medicinal benefits.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Figurative of godly chastisement to correct, prevent sin, and bless... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of spanking someone signifies a desire to punish, and assert control over a naughty, unruly aspect of yourself.

The adult part of you is reprimanding your child aspect for acting or behaving in a way your ego deems inappropriate.... Strangest Dream Explanations

New American Dream Dictionary

If one is being spanked, he/she is getting or deserves punishment for doing something wrong that is childish. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of discipline, Prov.13:24 ... Christian Dream Symbols

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of being spanked, or that you are spanking someone, suggests that you need to work on your childish rage and tendency to have temper tantrums.... My Dream Interpretation
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