Spice, Dream Interpretation

Sex, pleasure.

That which enhances the quality of enjoyment

Depth Psychology: The “spice of life” is often diversion, change, adventure, or fun of all kinds. Do you wish for any of the above? Or is the dream a warning that there is too much “spice” in your life?

1. One needs, as the saying goes, “variety in one’s life.” 2. To better deal with a situation, one needs to look at it from a dif­ferent point of view.

Dreams of spice signify feelings of passion and sensuality. Perhaps this dream is giving you the message to add some flavor and spice things up in your love life, career, or in any area of your life that has become stagnant and status quo.

To dream of spice, foretells you will probably damage your own reputation in search of pleasure.

For a young woman to dream of eating spice, is an omen of deceitful appearances winning her confidence.

Spice | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Comfort at death; if figurative, it is a divine and final warning to seek salvation; see “salvation”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of hospice represent your wisdom and tender loving care as you transition from one stage of life to the next, or as you cope with the passing of a loved one.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Sharpness, in the sense of intellect and wisdom. Emotional irritability, but also extravagance and finesse.... Little Giant Encyclopedia
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