Spoons, Dream Interpretation

To see Spoons in your dream is a promise of happiness and contentment at home.

If you lose a spoon you may become an innocent victim of suspicion.

To see, or use, spoons in a dream, denotes favorable signs of advancement. Domestic affairs will afford contentment.

To think a spoon is lost, denotes that you will be suspicious of wrong doing.

To steal one, is a sign that you will deserve censure for your contemptible meanness in your home.

To dream of broken or soiled spoons, signifies loss and trouble.

Spoons | Dream Interpretation

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. If common household items, such as spoons, forks and bowls, are made of gold, it means that one values his/her pres­ent existence.

2. If one sees gold jewelry, it indicates free spending is occurring.

3. Stacked bars of gold indicate careful money management.

4. Security.

5. Power. ... New American Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

In general, to see plastic cutlery in your dream suggests that you are not being true to yourself and your values. Specifically: Plastic forks can mean that you should be careful not to believe everything you are told - and don’t exaggerate to others either. Plastic knives may represent anxiety about a male person in your life - you can solve this by being more honest. And plastic spoons could suggest that you’d like to feel more comfortable in your own home.... My Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at one or several spoons means you will receive an invitation soon. You are being fed with a spoon: somebody is treating you like a child. Looking at a silver spoon: you are envious of others who arc better off than you. Earing something with a spoon: you have to eat the soup you have cooked yourself. Looking at a big wooden spoon: you have little say-so at home—someone else is “wearing the pants.”

Depth Psychology: The spoon is usually a sign that you have maneuvered yourself into a limiting situation or position and only you can get yourself out of it!... Dreamers Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

Spoons in a dream are a symbol of happiness at home.

The exception is if you dreamed of losing or stealing a spoon - that means you should beware against making a bargain or purchase you have been thinking about, because you could get scammed.... My Dream Interpretation

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