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High walls and fine surrounding will come into your view in an interesting manner.

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My Dream Interpretation

A dream of styling or curling your hair with products, is a forecast of improvement in your love relationship or, for single girls, a new romance.

To dream of slicking your hair down or back with hair products, predicts that you will have an increase in your social status. Dreaming that a hairdresser uses products on your hair, means you must not repeat gossip or it will return to work against you threefold. Also see “Hair Dye.”... My Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

See “Hair Products”, above.... My Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To see a spray can in your dream suggests that there is something in your past that you need to hold on to and preserve.

The dream may be a reminder that you “can” do something. Don’t underestimate your abilities and talents.

If you dreamed of spraying the can, you will soon get some good news or learn some secret knowledge. However, if the can in your dream was empty, discarded, or you threw it away, you may have serious money troubles ahead - start saving!... My Dream Interpretation

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