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A spy can be symbolic of an enemy of the righteous, Ps. 37:32. Spies are also symbolic of people who influence the opinions of other Christians over issues of church direction and ministry, Num. 13:32

Depth Psychology: A dream about a spy is a serious warning: your distrust of people is almost pathological—bordering on feelings of persecution. Or the dream may be pointing to a situation in which people are actually spying on you.

If you are the spy: you want to explore your unconscious and get a better understanding of other people and situations.

(Diver) In a dream, a spy representsjinn (See Jinn) or an evil influence. (Also see Diver)

See Agent, Detective.

Adventure will come your way, but you have a protective influence near you and will meet with no harm.

1. One doesn’t trust others.

2. One is meddling in other people’s business without their approval or knowledge.

If you dream that you are a spy it forebodes a misadventure. Spy dreams generally indicate anxiety.

Dreams of a spy signify that you are suspicious, discerning, skeptical and looking for fault in the people with whom you work or are in relationship.

If you dream that someone is spying on you, then you are grappling with your own feelings of shame and guilt. See Stocker.

To dream that spies are harassing you, denotes dangerous quarrels and uneasiness.

To dream that you are a spy, denotes that you will make unfortunate ventures.

Spy | Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

Points to too much fantasizing. Wanderlust, being shallow. Make inquiries before coming to a decision; search for the truth first. This is a frequent dream symbol when life is boring and has no excitement. But this symbol may also be a general sign of searching. Ask yourself what it is that you are looking for (and what it is that you want to find).

Also addressed here may be a life lived intensely and dangerously. It is the image of the male hero that appears when the dreamer is showing little masculinity, and in rare instances, also, when much masculinity is present in a woman or man).

On the other hand, this dream image also appears when the dreamer has an unconscious suspicion that, in most cases, is unfounded. It is helpful in such cases to adopt a positive attitude to life (positive thinking).... Little Giant Encyclopedia

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream that you are a spy, you are mistrustful of others and you tend to poke your nose into everyone’s business. Perhaps you have recently stumbled upon some information that was not meant for your eyes.

The same is true if you dreamed of spying or “peeping” on someone.

If you dreamed that someone was spying on you, you may be feeling guilty about something. Be careful not to act too impulsively. This dream is also common when you are being evaluated by someone - possibly a teacher, a boss at work, or parents.... My Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Binoculars)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are looking through a spy-glass, denotes that changes will soon occur to your disadvantage.

To see a broken or imperfect one, foretells unhappy dissensions and loss of friends. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

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