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Ariadne's Book of Dream

Being in a bedroom may reveal a great deal about your attitudes about sexuality and other areas of your personal life that are more private.

A starkly neat bedroom may reflect your ngid views about sexuality.

A messy child’s bedroom may signify unruly behavior.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Green has always stood for vegetation, nature, and growing (deep green in astrology relates to Taurus, ruled by Venus). Green reminds us of spring; only a “poison” green is ugly. When the green color in the dream is stark, it refers to overwhelming emotions (is hope all you have in your life?). Green is the color of sensitivity. Dreaming about this color frequently means that we need to pay attention to a more natural lifestyle.

Color Therapy: Green is growth, connection to nanire, and innocence. Dark green calls up a negative attitude toward life, exhaustion, breathing difficulties, tension, sleep disorders, troubles, cancer, and paranoia.

Depth Psychology: Green relaxes, refreshes, is friendly, represents nature, hope, vitality, self-confidence, and contentment.... Dreamers Dictionary

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Example: ‘I was sitting in the living room at home and my mum was sitting there like we do when we’re relaxing in the evening. From nowhere in particular my dad was there. He held his girlfriend in his arms and displayed her in front of us. She was stark naked. My mum tensed up, tightened her lips, and tried to look away. I felt acutely embarrassed for me, mum, dad and his girlfriend’ (Lynsay S).

Generally, one’s basic needs such as shelter, warmth, nourishment—but usually in the sense of what we have cre­ated as our basic way of life; the values, standards, goals we have accepted as normal, or are ‘at home’ with; as in the example, the situation or state in our home, which here means family atmosphere.

Example: ‘I am walking down a busy street when I realise that all I have on are my bra and pants. Everyone is staring at me and I try to appear unconcerned but feel more and more embarrassed as I go on. Eventually the street and the people fade and I am alone in my own home and a great sensation of relief comes over me. I do not bother to put any more clothes on but wander about the house secure in the comfort people are no longer looking at me’ (Mrs S C). Here home is the sense of being oneself, or absence of concern over other peo­ple’s criticism.

In a past home: depicts the part of our character or experi­ence which developed in that home environment. Someone else’s home: what we sense as the attitudes and atmosphere or the situation prevailing in that home. So a young woman go­ing to the home of her lover and his wife shows her facing the fact of her lover’s home and commitment in marnage. Future home: The direction you would like your life to take, or fear it might. See house below in this entry. Idioms: bring something home to someone, close to home; come home to roost; home and dry; broken home; home truth; home is where the heart is. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Stark nakedness means that the person will soon cease to seek his pursuit or its means that the present phase will soon pass. But, if the observer of such a dream is a person whose pursuit is Deen, he will attain high status in piety, adoration, obedience and devotion to Allah. And if his pursuit is material wealth then he will attain this to the extremes provided none had seen his aurah (ie. Any portion between the navel and the knees). One the contrary if his aurah becomes exposed to people, then nothing good is to be expected of such a dream.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- At its simplest, to dream of a sack can link with word play such as ‘getting the sack’. It brings a period of our lives to an end. possibly in a rather negative way. Perhaps in an effort to move on. we have created circumstances within our lives which make us feel bad about ourselves for a time.

2- The sack has the same significance as the bag, or any such receptacle. In a woman’s dream it can therefore perhaps mean pregnancy, while interestingly enough in a man’s dream il is more likely to mean some kind of womb experience (see Womb in Body). As a symbol of security the womb is often svmbolised in dreams as a bag or sack. Very often the sack as a utilitarian object has the significance of containing something for us - of giving us an opportunity to consider our belongings. We can empty the sack, as it were, and decide what is important to us and what we need to take forward.

3- In its starkest meaning the sack can indicate death. It can literally mean the death of a person, or it can indicate the liberation of part of our personality. We need to release a difficulty in order to continue within our own framework of life.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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