Stool, Dream Interpretation

A temporary seat, leaving one vulnerable, if backless

Elevation, as in podium, but also unsafe seat. You need more security, support, and grounding.

Folklore: To sit on a stool is sitting in a place of honor.

To dream of a stool suggests that you don’t feel completely comfortable about speaking your mind honestly. Have more faith in yourself.

To dream of sitting on a Stool means honour and achievement through your own merits.

Stool | Dream Interpretation

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Christian Dream Symbols

worshiping God, Ps. 99:5.

A footstool can also symbolize an enemy being subject to you, Ps. 110:1... Christian Dream Symbols

Islamic Dream Interpretation

The passing of anything unusual such as blood, worms, lice, pus etc. denotes that the observer of the dream will suffer loss in his wealth and family accordingly.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Seeing oneself passing stools means he will lose wealth equal to the extent of stools passed. Or he will conduct himself in such a manner as will cause him harm.

If so much stools are passed that it takes the from of mud, rain or floods then there is no good to be expected from such a dream. Perhaps it could mean he will be terrorized by the authorities.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A fly-by-night type venture which exploits... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

The Fabric of Dream

A dream denoting sudden elevation (Gypsy). Interpretation derived from their growth of a single night... The Fabric of Dream
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