Submarine, Dream Interpretation

Ability to meet the depths of feelings in the unconscious, as well as functioning all right in the everyday world.

Total, unwavering commitment; see “water”

Dreaming of a submarine indicates we have a spiritual need to understand the depths of our emotions.

Psychological / emotional perspective: If we are to be comfortable with ourselves, we need to understand our unconscious urges. Since there can be some fear with this – and perhaps a need for protection – the submarine becomes quite a potent image.

Material aspects: A submarine in dreams indicates the depth of feeling that is accessible to us. Usually we are looking at the subconscious depths rather than the spiritual heights.

Depth Psychology: The submarine is a symbol of instincts that (usually unnoticed) are influencing your behavior and life. See Boat, Diving, Ship.

Wanting to hide and look at the world from the emotional side (Water). It suggests regression and a weak ego, or being submerged in oceanic feelings and being powerless over them. Even in the presence of great emotional turmoil, maneuverability is still intact. See Diving, Fish.

To see a submarine in your dream, indicates that you are cautiously exploring your emotions and your unconscious feelings. You are still feeling cautious or guarded about something. This dream may also mean that you need to take a different perspective on some situation.

Dreams of a submarine signify wisdom and mastery in the waters of your deepest, most vulnerable feelings. You are on the defensive and may be preparing for an emotional attack.

1- A submarine in dreams indicates the depth of feeling that is accessible to us. Usually we are looking at the subconscious depths rather than the spiritual heights.

2- If we are to be comfortable with ourselves we need to understand our subconscious urges. Since there can be some fear - and in some cases the need for protection the submarine can be a good image to use.

3- Dreaming of a submarine indicates we have a spiritual need to get underneath our emotions.

All vehicles appear to symbolize the way that we maneuver, or get through, a segment of our life’s journey.

A submarine is a powerful moving machine that travels through deep waters. Deep waters represent our emotions and our unconscious.

A submarine could represent the way in which we are navigating through our emotional waters and deal with the materials that are coming up from our unconscious.

A submarine can have negative or positive connotations. It could suggest that you are feeling strong and are prepared to aggressively deal with whatever issues and emotional concerns that arise in your life. On the other hand, the submarine as a dream symbol could be suggesting that you are overly guarded and defensive and are currently not open to airing of personal issues.

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A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Our journey through the seas of life and how we meet the rough and smooth experiences, as with following example.

The dream occurred a few weeks before a break­down centering on the dreamer’s wife leaving him. ‘I am in a large glass boat with my wife.

The sea is very rough and I am afraid the boat will sink’ (Ron D).

Many boat/ship dreams depict something else: a situation we are involved in with other people which is difficult to get out of, such as marriage, business partnership, armed forces. Keel: basic personal strengths. Bows: one’s strength to meet life’s changes. Rudder: sureness about direction in life.

The ship sinking : fear of relationship ending—could be children leaving mother, so the collective ‘boat journey’ has finished; illness; death. Leaving boat but leaving bag on it: lack of identity, alone—perhaps when children have gone or job ended. Lots of small boats: other people’s relationships. Small boat with one other person: one’s relationship with that per­son. Going on a cruise: desiring relationship with others, or to be a pan of other people’s lives. Boat journey by night: classic archetype of searching for one’s roots in life; the journey into the unconscious. Anchored boat: security; stable relationship; opposite of drifting. Motorboat: similar to car, but more sense of isolation or aloneness. Ferryboat: if across a river, death, end of a relationship; transition from one phase of life to another. Disembarking: leaving a phase of life, such as moth­erhood or marriage. Embarking alone: independence or lone­liness. Idioms: burn one’s boats; in the same boat; miss the boat; rock the boat; ships that pass in the night; ship comes in; a tight ship. See submarine. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

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Either exploring the depths of the soul, or trying to deny something. Diving is an image of flight. It also means regression into a pre-birth condition and a preparation for rebirth (a new beginning). Diving dreams always deal with an Adventure where the dreamer is surrounding himself with Water (emotions). Such experiences may be ecstatic or full of fear. In most cases, however, they are an image of liberation. After all, moving in water is easier than on land. See Fish, Submarine.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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Fear of sinking into the world of the emotions and / or instincts that need to be dealt with.

An opportunity for self-knowledge. See Submarine, Swamp, Diving.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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