Subpoena, Dream Interpretation

Revealing a judgmental order of appearance, whether literal or figurative

Subpoena | Dream Interpretation

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Standing in front of a judge is a sign that you are trying to fight your bad habits.

If you are the court judging another person: you feel injured by someone, but not yet ready to confront that person openly.

If you are the spectator in a courtroom: unconscious memories have surfaced; you have a bad conscience because of a past mistake or action.

If you are ordered to appear as a witness: a friend or acquaintance is in desperate need of help. Being served with a subpoena: a warning that others are trying to blame you for something. Being convicted: you are wasting your time waiting to be thanked for something you did.

Depth Psychology: The court is symbolic of many things: trying to make up your mind about somebody; trying to find a possible connection between things, or coming clean with yourself. Sometimes a dream about a court implies that you need to defend yourself against other people and their prejudice, slander, or hostility. See Lawyer.... Dreamers Dictionary

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