Sundial, Dream Interpretation

Vision: Seeing a sundial is a reminder that nothing ever stays the same. You would do well to enjoy the happy hours while they last.

The sundial is a symbol of change, mortality, and the universal laws that govern our lives. Hold the “great moments” in your life in your heart! See Clock.

Coming events include a marriage and a death in your immediate circle.

1. Unrealistic activities.

2. Old-fashioned.

It is probable that you will make a discovery that you can use profitably if you dream of seeing a sundial.

A dream denoting wasted time (Gypsy).

Sundial | Dream Interpretation

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The Language of Dreams

(see Bells, Hourglass, Numbers, Time)

Standing still: Impatience for some event soon to come, or feeling spiritually, emotionally, or mentally paralyzed.

Hands or mmibers moving counterclockwise: Ask yourself if you’re going against a personal taboo or taking a step backward toward obsolete habits and thought patterns.

Punching a time clock: The danger of becoming a slave to schedules and the agendas of other people.

Is the clock digital, electric, a wristwatch, wind-up, a cuckoo clock, or perhaps even a sundial? Each of these has different associations. Digital clocks show that you are living in the present. Electric clocks and wind-up versions are more antiquated, revealing a stronger focus on times past.

The cuckoo clock expresses

craftsmanship. Have you been giving enough time to your arts lately? Lastly, the sundial represents our ancient roots when humans were more intimately aware of nature. How much time do you spend outdoors just appreciating the Earth}

Look at what time the clock gives, and check the numerological significance.... The Language of Dreams

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