Sweetheart, Dream Interpretation

One whose kindness blesses the heart

To dream that your lover is beautiful and pleasing to you, is a good omen ; but be cautious if you dream that he or she is fickle and changeable.

To dream that your sweetheart is affable and of pleasing physique, foretells that you will woo a woman who will prove a joy to your pride and will bring you a good inheritance.

If she appears otherwise, you will be discontented with your choice before the marriage vows are consummated.

To dream of her as being sick or in distress, denotes that sadness will be intermixed with joy.

If you dream that your sweetheart is a corpse, you will have a long period of doubt and unfavorable fortune. See Lover, Hugging, and Kissing.

It is an unfortunate augury If you dream that your sweetheart is dead. You may expect ill luck in your married life.

To dream of your sweetheart being delightful to your sight and senses is an augury of a happy married life» with children who will be a credit to you.

To dream that he or she is well and smiling denotes purity and constancy; pale or ailing, the reverse (Raphael).

Sweetheart | Dream Interpretation

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Mystic Dream Book

This presages a return to familiar occupations and surroundings; sometimes a proposal is on its way from someone you knew long ago.... Mystic Dream Book
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