Swing, Dream Interpretation

Like rocking, may refer to way we relax ourself when facing stress—see sleep rocking; self gratification, sex or mas­turbation; feelings of pleasure; daily ups and downs. Idioms: Get into the swing of things; go with a swing, in full swing.

See “waver”

(Toy) To see oneself in a dream swinging on a rope means faltering in one’s faith. Swinging on a suspended seat in a dream also means heedlessness, or looking at random in search for a true religion.

Mood swings; the ups and downs of life—we either give in to them too much or we repress them too much.

The symbol of the rhythm of life. Are you being “taken for a ride”?

It may also be connected to memories from your childhood. Playfulness.

A sexual symbol.

To dream that you are on a swing represents an expression of great satisfaction and freedom.

A change of plan will prove very successful in the long run.

A gift of flowers will soon be made to you.

Dreams of a swing signify that you are going back and forth, unable to make up your mind. This dream can also signify that you are joyously experiencing your own sacred rhythm, and perhaps getting into the swing of things. Consider the feeling tone. See Pendulum.

see Rocking

Swing | Dream Interpretation

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Sitting or swinging on a swing: you are too easily influenced by others, have a hard time making decisions and, generally speaking, may be fickle and sometimes downright unreliable. Looking at a swing: it is time to look at your inconsistency. Rocking on a rocking horse: you are frittering away your time; also, what you call love is really infatuation.

Depth Psychology: A swing means your moods are constantly “swinging back and forth.” In a man’s dream, it also might imply that—if married and having an affair—he can’t decide between his wife and his lover.

The dream is a warning: make a decision now and be more assertive.... Dreamers Dictionary

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