Tattle, Dream Interpretation

A warning to be discreet with anything you do not want revealed

To dream of tattling (telling) on someone, foretells arguments within your family.

If you dream of being accused of tattling, or being caught at it, this is a warning that you could be humiliated by someone by repeating confidences, so watch your tongue.

If you dream that someone tattles on you, it means that you will soon receive pleasant news.

Tattle | Dream Meanings

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The Fabric of Dream

To dream* that one crosses your path, bitter enemies; to catch one, success in defying enemies (Gypsy), “I neither tattle with Jack Daw Or maggot-pye on thatched house straw,” says Rowlands in the “Night-Raven” (1620). ... The Fabric of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing or hearing a parrot: curb your need to talk and you can avoid other people gossiping about you.

A tattletale friend is about to divulge a well-kept secret.

Depth Psychology: Don’t accept everything others would have you believe—develop your own opinions, make your own judgments.... Dreamers Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

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