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Symbolic of carelessness and youth, Job 33:25

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Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: For many teenagers, babysitting is an ordinary, mundane activity and thus provides a dream scenario in which they can work out their attitude to other responsibilities in their lives.

For others it may highlight their attitude to family responsibilities or to parenthood.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Anyone who has ever raised teenagers knows all about cannibalism. (Just kidding!) This dream may reflect dark, destructive and forbidden desires or obsessions. Cannibals literally consume other people’s lives and, along with it, their energy. When interpreting this dream, consider those things which consistently drain you and take away from your enthusiasm and the general quality of your life. It may be any number of things, such as career or a relationship. However, realize that you are not a victim of life, but rather its creator. Thus, make changes which will increase your energies, but not take away from others. Some believe that dreaming about cannibalism is a dream warning the dreamer to stay away from things that are destructive and less than honorable.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

The interpretation of this symbol, as with all others, depends on your relationship with cigarettes.

If you are a smoker or are surrounded by smokers, cigarettes may be a regular part of your daily life which has been brought into your dream state. Cigarettes could represent anything from phallic symbols and symbols of pleasure to tools of destruction. Generally, the cigarette is an object which carries social and emotional significance. When we are teenagers, we associate them with being “cool,” daring, and defiant.

For some adults they become a way of life where all emotions seem to be punctuated with cigarettes. Finally, as adults come into touch with their own physical mortality, cigarettes become dreadful objects, and smoking becomes a terrible burden and curse. When interpreting the dream with cigarettes in it, ask yourself what cigarettes mean to you. See also: Smoking ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: The family is the first basic security image that we have. Often, through circumstances not within our control, that image becomes distorted, and dreams will either attempt to put this image right or will confirm the distortion. Thus we may dream of an argument with a family member, but the interpretation will depend on both the circumstances of the dream and our everyday relationship with that person. All future relationships are influenced by the ones we first develop within the family. Since relationships in the family are so important, dreams containing family members can have extra significance. Some typical dreams are: a man’s mother being transformed into another woman a man’s first close relationship with a woman is with his mother or mother figure. This transformation indicates some change in his perception of women. Depending on the circumstances of the dream, such a transformation can be either positive or negative.

For instance he may dream of his mother turning into his boss. This suggests he may have certain expectations as to how he should be treated. It can be a sign of growth for him to realize, through dreams, that he can let mother go.

A woman’s father, brother or lover turning into someone else similarly, a woman’s first relationship with the male is usually with her father or father figure. She must learn to walk away from that relationship in order to progress onto fuller relationships. When she can handle her animus she is ready for that transformation.

A man’s brother or a woman’s sister appearing in a dream this often represents the shadow. Often it is easier to project the negative side of our personalities onto members of the family.

If this projection is allowed to continue, and not understood, it can cause difficulty with family relationships. Often the solution will present itself in dreams to enable us to come to terms with our own projections.

The pattern of aggressions between family members is fairly typical, but oddly is often easier to work through in dreams than in everyday life. Confusion of family members (e.G. Mother’s face on father’s body) this suggests that we may be having problems in deciding which parent or person is most important to us. Family members suffering from injury or trauma or appearing to be distorted in some way may reflect our fear for, or about, that person.

A family member continually appearing in dreams or, conversely, not appearing when expected shows that the relationship with that person (or our concept of them) needs to be better understood. Dreaming of an incestuous relationship may indicate that we have become obsessed in some way with the other person. We are searching for integration of their qualities within ourselves. Parents crushing us and thus forcing rebellion this suggests that we need to break away from learnt childhood behaviour and develop as an individual. Dreaming of a parent’s death can also have the same significance. When a parent appears in our own environment, we will have learnt to change roles within the parent / child relationship and perhaps will accept our parents as friends. Parents behaving inappropriately in dreams can indicate our need to recognize that they are only human, and not as perfect as we had first perceived. In tribal societies the rite of passage between childhood and adulthood is clearly marked, by initiation. Rivalry with one or both parents is highlighted in dreams when such a transformation is not properly handled and our feelings and emotions have not been given due validity. Dreaming of conflict between a loved one and a member of our family this shows we have not fully differentiated between our needs and desire for each person. Learning how to love outside the family is a sign of maturity.

The figure of a family member intruding in dreams suggests that family loyalties can get in the way within our everyday life. Rivalry between siblings in dreams usually harks back to a feeling of insecurity and doubt, possibly as to whether we are loved enough within the family framework. Dreaming of being adopted suggests that we feel out of place and in some way different to other members of the family. This dream often occurs as teenagers are growing towards maturity. Dreaming of having any family member e.G.

A brother – when we do not have one in waking life denotes our search for completion and ‘missing’ parts of our personality.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Overdramatization or fleeing from a problematic situation. Looking for clarification in difficult situations. Flying and Falling appear in Abyss, Elevator, and Trap, usually in nightmares; or as in: Brook, Leaf, and in part Parachute, during very pleasurable liberation dreams. In case of teenagers: often a sign that too much is being asked of them and that they are being pressured to succeed. These dreams are often like being intoxicated, having a sense of being elevated, and a lightness: like being in love. Many ancient myths show the connection between flying and sexuality, and while flying today has become a commonplace activity, the old interpretations are still true (see Fear of Flying by Erica Jong). Now modern symbolic interpretations of flying include the image of worldliness, expansive ideas, and communications. Flying is also seen as a symbol of creative ideas. This image may also be a warning not to become too aloof and removed from reality through fantasizing.

The dream may also be a challenge for either being too earthbound or taking flight into a greater dimension.

In Egypt, dreams of flying were interpreted as fleeing from difficulties. In ancient Greece and Rome, dreams of flying were seen as passionate love.

According to Freud, they were dreams of sexual desire and erection (Freud dealt with this extensively). He saw dreams of flying exclusively as desire for sex. Some modern dream experts interpret flying dreams exclusively as a desire to get away from problematic sit- uations, or to cross one’s own boundaries. Some researchers believe that in our dreams we go back to preborn states, make contact with the state of birds, and realize our innate ability to fly. Another contemporary dream researcher, Jack Maguire, believes that most dreams about flying are just a sign that we want to recuperate and refresh ourselves.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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