Tiny nuisances, things that bother you that you can’t seem to fix or get rid of

A dream in which you see termites signals temporary prosperity for you.

(Broker; Stockbroker; Wood warm) In a dream, termites represent jealousy, envy, perfidy, competition in knowledge, or search for arguments.

If one sees termites in his carry-on bag, or eating from his staff in a dream, they mean his death. Termites in a dream also represent a slanderer who tricks wealthy people to make his commission by advising them to place their money into bad investments.

If a sick person sees termites inside his house or clinging to his skin in a dream, it also means his death.

If one sees termites eating his wooden door, table or bed in a dream, they mean an illness. Termites in a dream also means having a large family with little income.

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A warning, whether literal or figurative; see “insects”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

My Dream Interpretation

To see termites in your dream foretells a temporary increase in fortune over a short period of time.... My Dream Interpretation
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