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To dream that you are visiting a therapist, suggests mental stress and troubles amongst members of your family. It may signal your need for emotional and spiritual healing.

If you dream of a family member or friend visiting a therapist, you are tuning in to that person’s need for help with their real-life struggles. Reach out a helping hand.

Dreams of a therapist signify that you are connecting with your higher self, your own inner wisdom and objectivity that has all the answers you need. You would be wise to take your own advice. See Life Coach and Prophetic Dream.

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Getting a massage is either an expression of sexual desire or an indication of possible health problems. Giving someone a massage: you need to correct something or put something right.

Depth Psychology: The massage is a suggestion either to be less rigid or to let go of emotional tension.

If you live alone, the dream means that you are in need of human touch and/or contact.... Dreamers Dictionary

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