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Symbolic of trying to keep your emotions and family together during a tricky situation

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Dreams of a tightrope signify that you are living on your cutting edge. This dream could either signify adventure and courage or a feeling of vulnerability, frailty, and insecurity. Consider the feeling tone of this dream and whether or not there is a safety net to catch you if you fall.

Tightrope | Dream Interpretation

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Vision: Seeing a rope; you will soon make a commitment to a relationship. Untangling a rope: you are very tolerant and compassionate, and this makes a great impression on others. Climbing a rope: because of your courage and determination you will reach your goal. Seeing a tightrope: you are letting yourself be dragged into a very risk)’ adventure. Also, someone might be setting a trap for you.

If you are the tightrope acrobat: your serenity is threatened by others. You have lost the ground under your feet! Crashing to the ground: severe emotional conflicts are ahead. See String.

Depth Psychology: The rope represents your dependence on other people or things. Maybe you are asking others to pull with/or for you.

The acrobat on a tightrope (if the walk is successful) represents inner balancc or (if the crossing is not successful) the lack of it.

If the rope is strung very tight: be more tolerant toward others.... Dreamers Dictionary

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