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Symbol: A book in a dream could be the “book of your life.”

Vision: Sitting in the middle of a lot of books or being in a huge library indicates the fear of being stretched too thin intellectually, or living with too much stress. Buying a book means interesting news is on the way that will serve you and others well. Reading a book: you are creating something new from your experiences, memories, and insights. Reading a serious book: you are gaining wisdom. Writing a book: you are dissatisfied with your present professional situation; you would like to rewrite “the script of your life.” See Library’.

Depth Psychology: Books and book titles are metaphors for what is happening inside you. Main motifs or tides usually mirror your emotional situation. Or the book itself may hold many of your life’s experiences, memories, and insights. Dreams about book titles contain messages that are particularly meaningful (analyze the title).... Dreamers Dictionary


Strangest Dream Explanations

If you dream of subtitles, then you are grappling with issues of communication and the attempt at understanding another person’s language or you are wanting to be understood. Perhaps you are attempting to read between the lines and grasp the deeper motives and subtext that underlie a person’s words.... Strangest Dream Explanations


My Dream Interpretation

If your dream featured subtitles, you must learn to listen to your own inner voice.

The answer for a current pressing problem you are facing is within you - so tune into your inner wisdom.... My Dream Interpretation

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