Toad, Dream Interpretation

Deeply unconscious drives and processes, such as the biological activities to do with intestines and cells, so what we might feel squeamish about—might therefore connect with abortion; the power of life in us; a cold-blooded or ugly part of ourself.

See reptiles, lizards, snakes.

Symbolic of demonic spirits, Rev. 16:13

Dreaming of toads connects us with whatever we may consider ugly in life, or in our behaviour. However, implicit in that ugliness is the power of transformation and growth into something beautiful.

For a toad and an eagle to appear is to note the difference between earthly and spiritual values. Consult the entry for reptiles in this section for further clarification.

See reptiles in animals

Vision: The toad in a dream has the same meaning as in fairy tales: it means unpleasantness ahead, but when transformed, can be unexpected good luck.

The rest of the dream images are very important here. Holding a toad in your hand: you have a good chance of winning something. Killing a toad: injury or loss that you have caused yourself. Eating a toad: an illness is coming your way.

To dream of a toad indicates the possibility of an accident.

To pick up a toad means a minor aggravation, such as a cut finger or stubbed toe.

To see toads in your dream suggests that you are trying to hide your true self. Let the beauty from within shine through.

To kill a toad in your dream signifies that you will be criticized for a decision or action.

1. Concealed nature or character.

2. Transformation, magic (tadpole to maturity).

See Frog and Reptile.

see Reptiles in Animals

To dream of toads, signifies unfortunate adventures.

If a woman, your good name is threatened with scandal.

To kill a toad, foretells that your judgment will be harshly criticised.

To put your hands on them, you will be instrumental in causing the downfall of a friend.

This is a warning not to engage in any business or social transaction that will not bear the closest scrutiny.

A dream denoting a malicious enemy; to kill one, success, triumph (Gypsy). The symbol of malice.

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To dream about killing toads means that you will be castigated for something you do.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

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