Toga, Dream Interpretation

(Persian toga; Roman toga. See Cap)

To see or wear a toga in your dream suggets that you need to confront and deal with a certain intimate situation in your life. Your behavior may be somewhat out of control. This dream may also represent your privacy issues.

Toga | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Overseas cap; Persian toga; Roman toga; Shawl) In a dream, a cap means travels, a wife who is supporting her husband, or a husband who is supporting his wife.

A shawl-like attire that is worn over the head and shoulders in a dream represents honor, valor, a new trade, travel, a brother or a father. Taking off a cap in a dream means losing one’s authority or loss of his wealth.

A torn cap in a dream means the death of one’s brother or father. Wearing a cap in a dream also means repayment of one’s debts. (Also see Coat; Overcoat)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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