Tombstone, Dream Interpretation

A tombstone may indicate the need to revisit the gravesite of a dead relative symbolically in order to unravel limiting attitudes and patterns learned from this person.

The headstone may also point to the need to gncve a loss, whether a real death or a personal failure.

Symbolic of death.

The inscription on the tombstone will give you more insight into the meaning of the dream

İndications of a certain person who is spiritually dead

Dreaming of a new tombstone foretells a new opportunity for you. Old tombstones forecast a renewed friendship.

If you could read the epitaph (the writing on the stone), the dream means that you can solve whatever problems are facing you much more easily than you think.

If you couldn’t make out the writing, you can expect news of a happy family event.

1. Aspect of self set aside, repressed until now.

2. A message from the subconscious, usually about direction in life (inscription).

3. Long life ahead.

Tombstone | Dream Interpretation

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Symbol: A rock is a symbol of rigidity but also strength. Rocks serve as a warning: don’t set your sights too high.

Vision: It you are rock climbing: hard work at your job will pay off handsomely. Falling off a boulder: you are overextended and exhausted. Pay more attention to your health. Looking up at a tall rock: an extraordinary project or task will come your way. Climbing down from a rock with great effort: relatives or friends are withdrawing from you, or your hopes are dashed.

Depth Psychology: A rock in a dream means vou have to overcome some- thing, but must do so gently. It is also a challenge: be steadfast, like “the rock of Gibraltar.’’ Sometimes the rock refers to a tombstone or marker, or it may be a phallic symbol. See Altar, Mountain.... Dreamers Dictionary

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