Brushing your teeth in your dreams may signify preparation for an important conversation in which you must be assertive and clear, or it may be a simple reminder to practice better oral hygiene.

(Boy; Broom; Employee) Atoothbrush in a dream is a sign ofhygienic conditions, prosperity, purity, cleanliness, repentance, or asking someone for forgiveness. Brushing and cleaning one’s teeth in a dream is also a sign ofbeing religious, a family person, a concerned relative and a generous kin.

If one sees himself brushing his teeth, and if his gums bleed in the dream, it means that he will become free from his sins and curtail his evildoing, or it could mean the opposite, that is to proceed with abhorrent actions, cause harm to one’s own family, steal their money, or defame them. Brushing one’s teeth in a dream also could mean reservation and prudence with one’s words, purifying oneself from sin, faith after disbelief, paying one’s debts, doing what pleases God Almighty, fulfilling one’s promises, a pregnancy, or a marriage. (Also see Broom)

To brush your teeth, foretells that some great struggle will be demanded of you in order to preserve your fortune.

If you see a friend brushing their teeth, it may be a warning that your friend has been talking against you. Or, you might be feeling paranoid about how good a friend they really are to you.

1. Defensiveness and arrogant attitudes.

2. Possible dental health or hygiene issue.

3. A concern with appearance.

Dreams of a toothbrush signify that you are cleaning up a communication that perhaps went awry, polishing and editing your ability to express yourself. This dream may be giving you the message to think before you speak, to be impeccable with your word, and to say what you mean and mean what you say. See Mouth and Teeth.

If you dream that you are brushing your teeth and the bristles come out in your mouth, it is a good sign.

To a maiden it foretells success in a love affair, followed by a happy marriage and a large family.

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