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Search …if you dream that ur father is dead


Using snail as a pomade to your hair


Search …camel and daughter

When in dreams one family person is scaring to sleep

Search …bath in mosque

Seen ur mother in disturbing u

Baby talking to you

A woman seeing a man


Combif the teeth

Have a question

Being threathef in a dream means



Dreaming about cheatig

Seeing one self manstrubating other men

What does it mean to pray maghrib in your dream

Camel and daughter

Old fruit


Combif the teeth of […]

Seeing someone else as your spiritual father


Dreaming about my husband being a pastor

Dreaming of gaining wealth

Seeing my mum

Seeing someone who in real life has passed away

Eating spaghetti in bed

Sitting at home without hijab and a guy sees you without hijab

Giving someone water

Seeing death of ones husband

My friend run away

Seeing ill grandfather

My dad tried to kill me because i had a bag full of money and gold

Someone want to cut my hair

Ex boyfreind

Saw own menstrual blood

Dreaming the one you love is unfaithful

Seeing people dancing while azan

Cat doing

Seeing a pregnant woman

Dreaming about a guy in your lap

Dreaming of going back to old home

My boyfriend come to my home foyer and he is without meet me going away i see he was going

Seeing old man

Seeing husband crying

Iv injection medicine

A guy you love

Seeing alive family member in grave


Search …honey bee

Seeing prophet muhammad saw behind black cloth

What does it mean to pray maghrib in your dream


Lost car

A man with dog

Dreaming of my grown kids but in the dream they are still small

My son praying the opposite way to the qibla

What does it mean to eat meat in dream

Dusting car


Can cats have lice


Search …hyna

A tuna

A lady i know sat on my lap and we kissed

A person giving you money

Eating cakr

Recevoir un cheque

My dreams dead parsons

Ex boyriend

Dreaming of giving salam to others

Getting hit by a car

Dreaming of a snake

Seeing watwr

Seeing saitan


Seeing egg

Old appartment

New job

Combif the teeth of […]

Seeing pea

Smoke and fire

With family

Dying and being at own funeral

Red roses

Dreaming of killing yourself

Birth of jesus christ manger

Dreaming myself as a little girl

Seeing hijra in dreams

Seeing an object crash

A son dreams that his late father is carrying him mn

Seeing your brother get slaughtered


Search …surat alaq

Seeing all your relative come to see you in your house

To see a large group of people working



Was told by a man to cover hair to church

A child is left for your care

Dreaming of your ex wife back with you again

I dream my daughter never return after go to medical shop

Husband got marred eith other women

Seeing myself praying in a huge mosque with a christian family also praying in the mosque

Seeing once husband naked in dreams by islam

I throw stonw on top of water

Seeing an alive person dead

Husband exposing his lower body to wifes friend

To dream carrying a baby crow

Dreaming of having a daughter brown hair blue eyes newborn to 4 years old

Apples dipped into water

Dreaming of muthi


Men in qhite

A close friend getting kidnaped in dreams

Seeing death people alive in dream means

Seeing drumstick tree with young leaves and drumsticks

Finding lost cell phone

Seeing baby clothes

Bear attacking dog

Left alone

Seeing someone ill

Search … lion

Dreaming of dead people

White months and rain

Huge python in the house eating live things

Dreaming about a doll trying to kill me

Dreaming of dolls that change into silver coins

A unknown woman outside my door

Seeing white pearl


Combif the teeth of /[…/]

Seeing crossing water bridge to go to pray

Dreaming of have a positive pregnancy test

A person grave with fresh air

Seeing a fortune teller

Dream interpretation-celebrity

A leader giving you money

Small house

If you see your self inside dirty water


Seeing bullets, ammunition, in a dream

Dreaming of getting a new job

Seeing the one you like

Head off

Friend buying a car

Dreaming of medsua

My mother and a snake in a pond while water slowing vanishing from the pond

Seeing an ex boyfriend



Old boss

Black car

Search …dream of having hiv aids

My house been robed

First love homeless

Dilapidated house

Seeing prophet muhammad

Dreaming about your crush very often

Dreaming of my dead mother

Seeing death of father

Dreaming of having a blind baby


Yellow snake

Hair falling out

Blood money


Dreaming of eating meat with alot of people

See people on the sky like they are angle

Marriage dress give to other in dream

Rabbit with red eyes

Giving dead person rice

Father not agnolging me

Seeing okro in dream

Car sink in water

Seeing church people

What if your dream is your mom die

A fish growing very big



Riding a horse in a dream means what

Cat dreams

My wife having intercourse with mother man

I saw my holly book falling into water

Arm chairs being removed from home

Gold key

My hair long see in dream

Seeing my husband and mother going to umra

My own image appearing infront of me

A young woman

My father and grandmother burning money in my dream

Sister in law hugs me from back

Seeing a hen

I saw an airplane crash into a swimming pool and i saw injured people

Dreaming of receiving a large amount of money

Ex wife in red dress

A new lover

I lost big prize money of a lottery

Dirty places

Giving a clock as a gift

Kicked out of sc



Seeing colourful flowers everywhere (istikara dream)

Seeing a lot of blood and killing in the dream

Dreaming of being in a libary

Seeing two men

At the bank of the sea

Someone is reading a book to you


Car plate number

Funeral of late deceasd person

Your dreams

Wearing sandals

A long silver snake


I heard some one saying be careful about what you ask for

My nose drops of blood falling down into sink

Seeing gold jewelry



All seeing eye

Dreaming father drinking toilet water

Seeing large chest

My friend

Dreaming of car accident

Well water

Seeing angels ascending and descending

Traveling to another world

Ing the nose

Old freind

Street one lives on

A woman standing in my way and pinching me

Loss of client

Dunped by your ex boyfriend

Search …voice saying your dlozi is asleep they need to be waken up

A prisoner has been free from the prison and enters his house


Seeing urself in an airlicopter on the air

Man asking for new cloth in the dream

Dream interpretation apple

Seeing mothers death

I have seen i lost my shoes at some place

Remove girl who dive into water in a bridge

Being forced out of ones house

Seeing white light

My husband with someone

Dreaming of getting a large check

Dreaming of entering a canoe on shallow waters and paddling

Pus filled blister

Seeing self using bathroom

Father lying

My boy frind touch with his feet my vigina

Dreaming walking sticks

One dead father visit his son

In a white rom with my mother but she didnt look at me a tree with no soul just hot water

Death of a king


Seeing marriage

Ill freind

Dream about needless coming out from my toilet

Receiving i love you letter

Seeing myself with big ugly nose

Brushing teeth taking some water to rinse people looking in embarrassment swallow that water

Seeing adult as a child

Deceased relative slapping me


Red moon

Seeing my loveone with other person

A woman coming to open my front door

That you are a stripper

Seeing a friend pregnant

Trees lying in the grass

Seeing a baby girl born

Fat guy breaks into my house

Water gushing from a house

Ant in dream

Light switch not working

Best friend death

Marks with red pen

Seeing a creamy coloured snake with brown eyes

Interpretation of directions

Eve teasing

My dream i have seen lizard

The word agree

A terror animal

Dreaming about purchasing plant

I had a dream i was urinated