Torrent, Dream Interpretation

(Inundation; Tumultuous outburst. See Flood)

Do not rush at things too violently; power is not the only good thing in the world.

If you cross the Torrent in your dream, you will accomplish your aims.

1. Feelings of unease, fear and dread.

2. Being over-whelmed—usually by emotions, often sorrow or grief.

3. Diffi­culties or problems in the offing.

To dream that you are looking upon a rushing torrent, denotes that you will have unusual trouble and anxiety.

If you dream of being caught in a torrent, or a torrential rain, you will have to defend yourself against an accusation of hypocrisy.

To wade m one, sorrows, adversity; to be caught in one, danger of lawsuits (Gypsy).

Torrent | Dream Interpretation

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The Language of Dreams

An anchor dragging through water or sand represents things that weigh you down, and hold you back.

An anchor holding firm in a torrential sea speaks of your personal need for security and stability.

If you haven’t reinforced your foundations lately, do so.

Anchors are also connected to the sea and sailing (see Boat, Water). In earlier times when ships carried valuable goods to port, such an arrival was heartily welcomed. So, sailors and things associated with their trade became “lucky.” Perhaps your ship is soon to “come in” and stay for a while!

Safety or improved vitality. In ancient Egypt, an anchor cross became a variation of the ankh, the emblem of life, around 4-5 C.E. This emblem was used frequently as a seafaring amulet.

A ship that lacks an anchor represents being adrift, going from one idea or goal to another without ever accomplishing anything.... The Language of Dreams

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Inundation; Torrent) Flood in a dream represents enemy attack, harm, destruction, sickness, a toilingjourney or the inundation of a town. Ifthe water flows toward a river in a dream, it means that he will escape from a dangerous enemy. Fighting a flood or trying to prevent it from entering one’s house in a dream means fighting with one’s enemy to protect one’s family and property. However, if people still benefit from its waters for their wells or farms in the dream, then it represents a prosperous year and a good harvest, or it could represent good irrigations and strong dams. In a dream, a flood also represents lies, hypocrisy, wasting one’s speech, or it could mean falsehood.

If one sees his town flooded with blood in a dream, then it represents God’s wrath and punishment for people’s sins. Inundations in a dream also could represent a rainfall, one’s tongue or a sharp spoken woman.

If one’s house is flooded in a dream, it represent past deeds that will bring later benefits. Flood in a dream also represents liquid nourishment such as honey, milk, or oil.

If one sees himself collecting the waters of a flood in jars and people seem happy about it in the dream, it means the availability offood products in abundance and falling or stabilization of prices.

A flood in a dream also means blocking the roads to extremism or isolating a danger. When one sees a flood in his dream but outside of its season, it means that he is following some psychic influences or pursuing religious innovations. It also means wrath, destruction, impeachment, penalties or a plague, unless if it is falling from the skies, then it means rains and blessings. Ifone sees himselfcoming out of his home to swim into an inundated town in the dream, it means that he will escape from a ruthless tyrant. Should one fail to cross, and if he is rather forced to return to his house in the dream, it means that he shouldbe careful about staying in that town or about disobeying his boss. Stopping the flood from reaching or entering one’s home in a dream also means reconciliation with one’s enemy.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Torrential water stands for emotions that can flood your life and that may require a great deal of cleanup.

The location of the flood can be a key.

A flood in the kitchen suggests emotions that reside deeply in your heart and that may relate to your family. It may indicate grief or sorrow.

A flood in the bedroom signifies emotional issues around the healthy expression of sexuality.

If the flood takes place in the living room, it could indicate emotional tensions in social relationships. Flooding in the bathroom suggests overwhelming emotions that are backed up and blocked from being released easily And, finally, walking in floodwaters could represent a deep desire to experience your emotions more fully.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Watching a flood: you are dealing with people who are bothering you with their pleas and petitions.

A flooded room: bad luck and lighting. Trying to outrun a flood: you are running away from yourself.

Depth Psychology: Some emotions and cravings are getting so strong, they are overrunning you, but your self-confidence will be restored.

A torrential flood is a sign that you will have sudden, uncontrollable emotions, sometimes a big shock, or a nervous breakdown.... Dreamers Dictionary

The Language of Dreams

(see Animals, Weapons)

A desire for conquest.

For what are you currently hunting, and is it truly something over which you should try 7 to take dominion?

Is the creature used as food, or is it being hunted in sport? If for food, this may be a type of hunger dream, or representative of your need for fulfillment.

If being hunted in sport, the animal may symbolize a coveted object or person that remains elusive.

(see Snow)

A potentially hazardous situation. Watch your footing.

The cooling of emotions or a relationship. Frigidity. Halted movement, feeling frozen and unable to act. Being frozen in ice: A type of death or cage dream.

An icicle: The masculine nature.

Making an ice carving: Chipping away at the walls that disguise the true self. Alternatively, a subliminal wish that the object portrayed (or its symbolic meaning) would either manifest or halt completely.

Hail: This ice falls from the sky and barrages the dreamers landscape, symbolizing a torrent of personal, social, political, or religious dogma that seems to overshadow simple, straightforward faith.... The Language of Dreams

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Torrent. See Flood)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Chine Dream Interpretation

Rain stops and the sun comes out: your problem will be solved; • Gale force winds and torrential rain: you may hear news of somebody’s death... Chine Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

(See Torrent).... The Complete Dream Book
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