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See railway.

A train transports a large group of people or products on a track laid by others. Dreaming of-a tram may .indicate that you have adopted the values ot a large group of people and therefore are on track.

Symbolic of going from one place to another

See “railroad”

See transport

Vision: In a man’s dream, a train is often a sign of fear—fear of having missed something.

The train you have missed in the dream is the equivalent of a missed opportunity in real life. Traveling in a train: you are advancing quickly in life. Watching a train leaving the station: a separation is unavoidable. Seeing a train: you will have to say goodbye to someone. Being on a train that goes through a tunnel: you are giving away one of your secrets. In a woman’s dream, a train is a sexual symbol, particularly if it is driving into a tunnel.

Depth Psychology: Riding in a train is symbolic of your life’s journey. You are changing your emotional bearings—don’t miss your connections! The lead engine symbolizes your vitality; the railroad cars your experiences and adventures: the tracks the values that guide you and give you direction.

The trip itself is a symbol of how your life will unfold. See Train Station.

To see a train going by is a sign of missed opportunity To be riding on a train means you will achieve goals even though you don’t work especially hard towards them.

A freight train is indicative of manual labor, while a passenger train points to mental work. See also Engine.

See Railroad Station. Vacation or business trip? Fear of “missing” the train; or it is high time (if you want to catch the train). See Haste. Developing ones personality, striving for success and being sociable. Fleeing from the present situation.

Are you observing the train or are you traveling on the train (you are either wanting to move or you are part of the movement). What is happening on the train and how would you characterize the action?

According to Freud, leaving on a train and traveling on a train means death. However, Freud suffered from a phobia about trains.

To see a train of cars moving in your dreams, you will soon have reason to make a journey. Dreams of riding a train symbolize your journey along life’s path, especially in the realm of romance.

If you dream of riding on top of a train, you will be or have been wasting time with an unpleasant companion, who you will eventually seek to avoid.

If you dream of missing a train, you may have missed an opportunity recently in real life. Dreaming of driving a train is a good omen, meaning you are on the right course in your life.

To dream about people getting killed by a train, or of being in a train wreck, suggests that progress towards your goals is not going according to plans. This may be because you lack the self-confidence to pursue them whole-heartedly.


1. Social conformity.

2. Progress of the dreamer’s life.

3. Prog­ress of business deals.

See Airplane.

Dreams of a train signify that you have drive, momentum, and you are moving boldly through life by making connections with other people. This dream is a message either revealing to you that you are already on track you’re your goals and desires or if you are not, then this is a message for you to get on track with your goals and desires. Consider the feeling tone of this dream. See Conductor, Railroad Tracks and Track.

see Journey

To see a train of cars moving in your dreams, you will soon have cause to make a journey.

To be on a train and it appears to move smoothly along, though there is no track, denotes that you will be much worried over some affair which will eventually prove a source of profit to you.

To see freight trains in your dreams, is an omen of changes which will tend to your elevation.

To find yourself, in a dream, on top of a sleeping car, denotes you will make a journey with an unpleasant companion, with whom you will spend money and time that could be used in a more profitable and congenial way, and whom you will seek to avoid.

This dream symbol can be very complicated and its meaning is specific to the dreamer (as all dream symbols are).

If you normally take the train to work and it is a part of your daily experience, closer attention should be paid to the other details of the dream. Going on a train ride may be symbolic of your life’s journey.

If you are the engineer, you may be reassuring yourself in the dream state that you are in control of a specific situation or life in general.

The train could also be symbolic of your need to move on and to do things in an orderly and sequential manner. Freud said that the train is usually a phallic symbol and that a train going through a tunnel represents intercourse. Freud also said that there are other possibilities to this symbol.

For example if you missed the train in your dream, you may be fearful of missing important opportunities. Jung thought that the train ride represented the way a person moves and behaves just like everyone else and that you the dreamer may be striving for wholeness.

Freedom, especially in regard to instinctive drives.

Freudian: An emblem of the male penis, primarily when combined with tunnel imagery.

Similar to other vehicles in terms of movement and transitions (see Bus, Car, Horse).

Each car of the train may represent aspects of yourself, including hidden talents, knowledge, fears, hopes, and memories. So, exploring the train symbolizes introspection and integration of some of these portions.

For example, searching the caboose may symbolize routing out your feelings about death or endings.

Going on a train ride may be symbolic of your life’s journey.

If you are the engineer, you may be reassuring yourself in the dream state that you are in control of a specific situation, or your life in general. Freud said that the train is usually a phallic symbol, and that a train going through a tunnel represents intercourse. Freud also said that there are other possibilities to this symbol.

For example if you missed the train in your dream, you may be fearful of missing important opportunities.

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The Premier in Dream Dictionary

Like other dreams of public transport dreaming of travelling by train suggests you’re no longer in control of your life and have become too dependent on others.

• Has your job taken over your life or the needs of a partner or parent? Are you going off the rails or are you on track for success? • Missing a train signifies missed opportunities.

A stuck train suggests a problem needs to be sorted before further progress can be made.... The Premier in Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Circus; Hunter) A bear trainer is the one who hunts it, trains it, teaches it to dance and to obey his orders.

A bear trainer in a dream represents a teacher who teaches good conduct to ignorant people, or a coach of a woman singer. He also represents people who illicit unlawful or tainted money from drugs or prostitution.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Control. Are you going in the right direction?... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Islamic Dream Interpretation

An elephant trainer in a dream represents the master teacher of children of noble families, a horse trainer, a sports trainer or a translator. (Also see Elephant)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a personal trainer represents your higher self and that you are seeking discipline to stay on track with your physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness goals. See Life Coach.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To dream about working out with a personal trainer is good luck, if you enjoyed it. But if it was tiring or unpleasant, the dream is a warning against being pushy. Don’t try and force anyone to give you an answer, or make a decision, for at least a couple of weeks. However, if you dream of being a personal trainer yourself, you have learned from your past experiences and gained wisdom that will help you. Nice going!... My Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Railway Station.

The symbol for taking a trip and for waiting. Also, meeting other people.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

See “bound”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Control issues.

2. Situation or person is out of control and in need of guidance.

3. Illness. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Exerting efforts to one’s utmost, or to the point of straining oneself in a dream means the death of a sick person, or it could represent laboring hard to sustain one’s dependents.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

To filter something in a dream is symbolic of worrying about minor details rather than what is important, Matt. 23:24 ... Christian Dream Symbols

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

That which is used to separate the desirable from the undesirable; see “screen door”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Islamic Dream Interpretation

A strainer in a dream represents a noble servant. (Also see Sieve)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Revealing one’s diligence in a difficult situation... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Christian Dream Symbols

Being under duress, Mark 6:48 ... Christian Dream Symbols

Little Giant Encyclopedia

The path of life is foreordained. Or it can reflect security and rigidity (everything running on track).... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Something is dragging behind you. See Shadow.

To take somebody in tow. But also dignity, splendor, and worship. Often this image refers to Bride. Sometimes it may suggest time is “dragging,” addressing the subject of patience.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Enjoying contact and communication, travel.

The conductor may represent the guide of the soul (travel guide and signpost). You know where your travel will take you.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: A train station is always a symbol of changes to come in your life or in interpersonal relationships.

Vision: Arriving at a train station: a decision made previously was correct.

If you want to go to the train station but the road is blocked: a few hurdles have to be overcome l>efore change is possible. Leaving a train station: try to determine if you have postponed an important decision for too long; it is time to make that decision now! If you are looking at a train station: a change in your life is imminent. Missing your train: you have also missed an opportunity in your life.

Depth Psychology: Train stations are important dream images. They show us a starting point for examining different goals we have set ourselves in life. Usually a train station means a new phase in your lite is about to start.

If the train station is under renovation or it is difficult to find the train you want: things you have planned might be in question. See Train.... Dreamers Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of being in a train station, this foretells an unexpected delay or obstacle to your plans.... My Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To see an obstruction on railroad tracks, suggests you have done something you’re sorry about.

To walk along the rails, suggests you will gain much happiness by the skillful handling of your social affairs.... My Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

Please see “Personal Trainer” or “Running Shoes”... My Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

İnfluencing one’s life... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream that you are training for something indicates that you lack assertiveness and confidence about your abilities. This dream may also reflect a desire to improve your personality.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Training or holding a dog so as to safeguard a certain thing means he will be helped by someone in attaining his goal. In this case the dog does not symbolise an enemy.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To dream about a bike with training wheels suggests that you are lacking self-confidence. You feel anxious about your ability to do something, or to get through a particular situation. This dream may also reflect a desire to change your status or position in life.... My Dream Interpretation

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Transportation guided by a rail, predestined movement, a chain of events and change... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

A train will often highlight our attitude to social behaviour and relationships with other people. It will also clarify our attitude to ourselves.

A steam train would suggest that we feel ourselves to be somewhat outdated and old-fashioned but still viable, whereas an up-to-date electric turbo might suggest speed and efficiency. Catching the train shows we have been successful in having outside circumstances co-operate with us in achieving a particular goal, whereas missing the train indicates we do not have the resources to enable us to succeed in an appropriate way, either because we have forgotten something or because we have not been sufficiently careful. We fear that we will miss an opportunity. Equally, we may feel that external circumstances are imposing an element of control over us. Often dreams of missing a train and then catching either it or a later one, suggest that we are managing our inner resources better. Dreams of missing a train, alternating with those of catching one, show we are trying to sort out our motivations. Getting off the train before its destination or it has reached a station implies we are afraid of succeeding at a particular project. We do not appear to be in control. Getting off the train before it starts suggests that we have changed our mind about a situation in waking life. Railway lines and tracks will have significance as ways of getting us to our destination. Being conscious of the way the track runs ahead may give us an inkling as to what direction we are going. Recognizing the signals up ahead would have the same significance. Coming off the rails might suggest doing something inappropriate or of not being in control. Not wanting to be on the train might indicate we feel we are being unduly influenced by outside circumstances. Arriving at a station indicates we have completed a stage of our life journey. We may be ready for a new relationship with the world in general.

The carriages on a train suggest the various compartments or sections of our lives and the way we feel about them.

For example, if a carriage is untidy or dirty, we are aware that we need to ‘clean up’ an aspect of our lives.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

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