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Since Sigmund Freud, a key term in psychotherapy. Besides the more technical aspects in actual therapy, the idea of transference in essence means that during everyday situations old and ancient content from the unconscious can be brought to the surface (if it has not been dealt with) through actual events. Anything that happened at a given moment could either have real objective meaning or has been “transferred” and has nothing to do with the present—it is rather something carried to the surface from the past. See Television, Companion, Shadow.

Transference | Dream Interpretation

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Effective communication, working through information received.

The power to communicate, not least about emotional concerns. Perfect symbol for Transference, which plays a prominent role in psychoanalytical dream interpretation.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Compensation and reconciliation of differences, melding of male and female energies. Usually, the dreamer’s own characteristics are indicated. Longing for partnership, particularly in a divorce or separation situation; or fear of marriage and commitment. Are you able to accept the Other? Are you able to preserve the space between yourself and the Other, and experience it as positive? However, you also ought to ask yourself if you are expecting your partner to fulfill all your desires, or are you willing to work for them yourself? Transference.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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1- Touch in dream suggests making contact in some way. We arc linking up with other people, usually to our mutual advantage. We are perhaps becoming conscious of both our need for other people and of their need for us.

2- Within relationships, touch can be an important act of appreciation. Often dreams will reveal our attitude to such conccpts as touching and being touchcd.

3- The transference of power and blessing can be signified by the simple act of touching.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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