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1- For something to be transfigured in dreams suggests that that image has a greater significance than just its symbolism. Transfiguration usually means being surrounded by light, and for this to happen suggests that it has some divine or special purpose. This dream can occur as we are working through stages of transition in our lives.

2- Transfiguration is a phenomenon which can occur during altered states of consciousness. It is as though a light enters the personality and changes it.

For transfiguration to occur in dreams indicates we are becoming conscious of a more permanent awareness of ourselves. In the waking state it is taken to suggest being used as a spiritual channel.

3- Spiritually; we are aware that we are all part of a greater whole.

To dream of the transfiguration, foretells that your faith in man’s own nearness to God will raise you above trifling opinions, and elevate you to a worthy position, in which capacity you will be able to promote the well being of the ignorant and persecuted.

To see yourself transfigured, you will stand high in the esteem of honest and prominent men.

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