In contrast to Parachute, this is unpleasant Falling, as in Abyss, and particularly as in Shooting.

See Hiding Place, but this image also accesses layers of your character.

1. An unpleasant yet astounding surprise.

2. Use caution to avoid snap decisions in sudden, difficult circumstances.

3. An urge or desire to avoid or escape certain conflicts or encounters, often wisely.

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Abyss. Fear of Falling. Falling down the precipice means either fear of difficulties and adversity or a challenge to let go (See Shot, Brook, Elevator, Trapdoor). Moving up a cliff indicates that adversity can positively affect the outcome; the situation is improving.

You want to get some perspective on your life. It may also mean that you have difficulty in advancing socially, as in Climbing, Obstacle, Exam / Test, Summit.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Ladder, Stairs. Emotional changes, and the degree of those changes is expressed here. Caution, remaining aware of reality.

If the lift is moving up fast—advancement, high hopes.

If the elevator is moving down fast—to the point that it is uncomfortable—fear of letting go. See Abyss and Trapdoor.

If the elevator gets stuck, inferiority complex or strong inhibitions.

A symbol of Kundalini, vitality in Yoga. Advancement and wish for self-affirmation; or, fear of Falling, and Shooting. Being constricted, as in Siege, Amber, Village, and Trap, except not so extreme. Emotional transformation; becoming more aware without effort.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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