Trellis, Dream Interpretation

An honorable support for one’s figurative flowers or fruit bearing vines; see “flower”, “fruit”, “vine”

(See Vineyard)

A firm friendship will prove the foundation of your success in life.

Trellis | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Espalier; Grapevine; Trellis;Woman) Avineyard in a dream represents honor and strength, and the same goes for all fruit trees. Avineyard in a dream is also interpreted to represent a wealthy woman. Cutting branches from a grapevine in a dream means receiving money from a noble woman. Thus, an espalier in a dream represents a generous woman.Agrapevine in the wintertime in a dream represents a woman who has lost her wealth, though one still thinks that she is rich. Plucking a bunch of grapes from an espalier in a dream means spending one’s money on a woman.

If one sees it but does not pluck any grapes from it in the dream, it means that he will be spared unnecessary expenses.

A grapevine in a dream also represents marriage.

A trellis for grapevines in a dream represents a beautiful, a noble and a rich woman.

The same interpretation is given for the garden surrounding it.

To see a close-up view of a vineyard with its clusters of grapes and leaves in a dream means gaining financial benefits from associating with a community of believers. (Also see Wine press)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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