Tremble, Dream Interpretation

See “shiver”

(Shake; Shiver; Tremor) Seeing one’s head trembling in a dream means gaining honor and rising in station.

If one’s righ t hand trembles or shakes in a dream, it means difficulties in earning his livelihood. Ifone’s right leg trembles in a dream, it means profits from one’s family or clan. Ifone’s left leg trembles in a dream, it means business losses.

The same applies to the trembling or the shocking of any part of one’s body. (See Body’; Tremor)

Tremble | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Meanings of Versatile

The name ‘quaker’ was initially given to religious sects given to fits of shaking during religious fervor. Only later did it become a popular name for those of the society of friends who ‘trembled at the word of the lord’. Religious beliefs and the acceptance of an ability to cope because of those beliefs is a great part of spiritual development.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Labor pangs; Labor throes; Quake; Shaking; Shock) A tremor in a dream represents plants blooming, grass growing, vegetations sprouting, the blossoming of garden flowers, and the ripening of fruits.

If a pregnant woman sees an earth tremor in her dream, it represents labor throes. (Also see Earthquake; Shock; Tremble)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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