Trout, Dream Interpretation

To dream of a trout means affluence and excess.

To dream that you are eating trout denotes your positive attitude towards life.

To dream that you caught a trout signifies happiness.

If the fish falls back into the water, it means that it will be short-lived.

Vision: Watching a trout in a clear stream means a joyful experience or event.

The dream also indicates that you are very healthy. Catching a trout means prosperity or good luck in the lottery’. See Fish, Photo, Picture, Water.

(See Fish)

Fish. Enjoyment of life; you are able to move freely in the waters of your emotions.

Folklore: Difficulties are disappearing; innate emotional balance.

Your troubles will vanish.

1. A good omen for personal finance matters and a change for the better.

2. A positive, cheerful attitude in life.

3. Approaching success, pleasure in social affairs.

To dream of seeing trout, is significant of growing prosperity.

To eat some, denotes that you will be happily conditioned.

To catch one with a hook, foretells assured pleasure and competence.

If it falls back into the water, you will have a short season of happiness.

To catch them with a seine, is a sign of unparalleled prosperity.

To see them in muddy water shows that your success in love will bring you to grief and disappointments.

A dream denoting money, the larger the trout the more the money (Gypsy).

Trout | Dream Interpretation

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The Complete Dream Book

You will have good fortune if you dream of seeing fish swimming in a stream, particularly trout.... The Complete Dream Book

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- One of the most difficult things to do either in waking life or when dreaming is to break down the barriers which we all have. Often these are barriers of reserve. In dreams therefore, we sometimes need to perceive bizarre images in order to drive the message home. It depends on whether the dreamer is a tactile person when awake as to the interpretation.

If he or she is tactile, this would indicate there is perhaps a need for humour when dealing with an opportunity.

If they are not, then any approach at intimacy should be made with humour.

2- Tickling in the psychological sense is to lx: treating something lightly. This may be either a situation or person.

For a fisherman, ‘tickling a trout’ would be to coerce it, that is, to persuade it to come towards him. This can also be one of the interpretations in dream work.

3- To be ticklcd in a dream, spiritually, means that we need to approach spirituality with humour to enable us to make the best use of it.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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