To dream of these flowers is a sign of abundance.

If you see yourself standing in a garden surrounded by tulips, it fortells that you will be rich and distinguished.

To see tulips in your dream indicates fresh new beginnings. You are loving life!

Tulips | The Dream Meanings

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Ariadne's Book of Dream

A pot of tulips may mean the first kiss of new beginnings.

The first sign of spring, a field of tulips may represent an experience that begins a new cycle of life.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Dreaming about a tulip means valuable connections in the near future. Picking tulips: in a man’s dream, it is a sign of a relationship with a beautifid woman. Depth Psychology: See Flower.... Dreamers Dictionary

Mystic Dream Book

A shon engagement and a secret marriage will be the fate of the girl who dreams of Tulips.... Mystic Dream Book
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