To dream of seeing someone with an ulcer in your dream means you will suffer withdrawal from friends and loved ones.

To dream of your own ulcer means it is your fault for losing your friends and it is a warning to work on your personal outlook and actions.

(Abscess; Boil; Tumor. See Pimple)

One is deeply concerned about something.

To dream about ulcers indicates unsatisfactory conditions during waking hours.

Dreams of an ulcer signify that there is something eating at you. You have been holding back your feelings and your dream is giving you the message to express yourself and to stop procrastinating regarding making an amends or forgiving someone that has wronged you. See Abscess.

1- An ulcer is a sore that is only cured with great difficulty. Thus, to dream of one makes us aware of work which needs to be clone to heal a great hurt. It will depend on where the ulcer is as to what needs healing.

To dream of a stomach ulcer, for instance, would suggest an emotional difficulty while a mouth ulcer would suggest some problem with spcech or making ourselves understood to those around us.

2- If we are dealing with someone else’s ulcer we arc aware that that person is not dealing with a dilemma in which we are involved.

3- An ulcer is something which erodes matter. Spiritually it suggests some soreness of Spirit or spiritual dilemma.

To see an ulcer in your dream, signifies loss of friends and removal from loved ones. Affairs will remain unsatisfactory.

To dream that you have ulcers, denotes that you will become unpopular with your friends by giving yourself up to foolish pleasures.

To dream of having one denotes health to a green old age (Gypsy). Evidently attributable to the idea that ulcers, boils, etc., clear the system.

(see Body, Medicine, Physician)

Something that gnaws away at you, often causing distraction and irritability.

An indicator that there is an excessive amount of stress in your life that could eventually cause this malady. Take a break!

An open sore that seems difficult to heal because of inaccessibility or complications.

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The Fabric of Dream

To dream of having any of these afflictions foretells good fortune and good health, preceded by a temporary sickness (Raphael) « Dreams probably caused by irritation of the parts of the body afflicted in the sleep; the interpretation obviously attributable to the theory that these visitations clear the system of impurities, thereby conferring comfort after sickness.... The Fabric of Dream

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

To dream that you have ulcers is to acknowledge that you are greatly concerned about something; worrying more than you should. Try to relax and bring your worries and fears out into the open or you may well develop real ulcers.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary