Symbolic of Christ or a person in authority

One who has authority over the game of life; see “game”

As an umpire in sport has the right to a final decision, he takes on the function of the higher self in dreams.

Psychological / emotional perspective: In sport, an umpire or referee must take a number of factors into consideration before making a decision. It is this need for objectivity that surfaces in dreams of an umpire.

Material aspects: The umpire or referee must arbitrate between several differing opinions, and it is this function that gives rise to dreams of such a figure. This may mirror work or family disputes. As spectators in waking life we are at liberty to disagree, yet we must abide by his decision. You might like to consult the entries for games and sport.

To dream of an umpire implies that either a physical or spiritual guardian is helping you navigate your life at this time. Note the umpire’s signals within the dream - are they positive or negative? This could be the guiding system or sign that you have been secretly wishing for recently.

1. A strong authority figure who will guide, even com­mand, one to take the right path.

2. Someone who is able to keep one healthy and well.

3. Uncomfortable feeling that every action one takes is being judged.

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