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As the harbinger of great change, the presence of Uranus in a dream may signify that forces of change are at hand. Much like a tornado hitting your house. Uranus may initiate a crisis that causes you to reevaluate what is important in life. Being fired from your job or breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend may bnng about a needed change to realign the personality with more serious endeavors. Uranus may also be pan of a prophetic dream indicating earth changes or political turbulence arising out of the collective unconscious.

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Depth Psychology: This planet represents your ingenuity, intuition, creative spirit, pioneering spirit, and reform-mindedness. This energy can open horizons and safeguard technical or scientific systems.

The negative side of Uranus can cause restlessness, resistance, and/or fanaticism. See Planets, Signs of the Zodiac.

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1. Desire to travel far away.

2. Disguised way to curse some­one.

3. Unusual in the way one thinks.

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Dreams of the planet Uranus may be forecasting a major life change, and/or that you will be making the most of your unusual talents and gifts.

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The Bedside Dream Dictionary

In mythology, Uranus is the sky-god and the personification of Heaven. He represents the undifferentiated and limitless potential for growth and is symbolic of evolution.

The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781. Astrologically, it represents cosmic power that causes creation, progress, sudden changes and, at times, upheavals and interference. Seeing the planet Uranus in your dream may represent unexplored possibilities and potential. It may be an unconscious encouragement to create change and to progress.

If life appears to be a bit out of control and if many unsettling changes are occurring, Uranus in a dream may be a positive sign from the unconscious. It suggests that turmoil can be used to create new possibilities and that in the end things will be better off then when they began.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

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