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To dream of urinating in someone’s house is symbolic of feeling as though you have lost control of your emotions or embarrassed yourself in the presence of others.

To see someone urinating in your house can be symbolic of your perception of that person having committed an offensive act against you

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

1. Clearing oneself of a problem.

2. Not in control of one’s life.

3. One feels exposed, spied on by others.

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Releasing bodily wastes in a dream suggests a need to release repressed emotions and/or anxiety. At times urination may have sexual connotations. Many people dream about the need to urinate which wakes them up and then they realize that they need to use the bathroom. At times the dream triggers the physical sensation and other times the physical sensation may become a part of the dream.

Urination | Dream Interpretation

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(see Urination)... Christian Dream Symbols

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Urinating in a dream means wasting money in an unnecessary or an unlawful way. It also means a marriage to an unsuitable or a non-compatible person. Frequency of urination in a dream means receiving regular income. On the other hand, suppression of urine in a dream means the opposite, or it may mean hastiness, or making an incorrect decision. Ifone sees himself urinating in an unknown place, in someone else’s house, a lodge, a town, etcetera in a dream, it may mean kinship with its people. Wetting one’s underpants in a dream means a newborn in the family. Urinating in the sea in a dream mean paying taxes or givingcharity. Urinating in a valley in a dream means expansion of one’s progeny. Emittingbad odor after urination while others are looking with despise in a dream means defamation, or exposing one’s ills in public. Drinking urine in a dream means earning unlawful income.

If one sees his servant or employee urinating inside a well or a stream in a dream, it means that someone from his family will betray its interests. Urinating in a dream also means dispelling distress.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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