Urine, Dream Interpretation

Relief from emotional problems; if not in a toilet, it is at another’s expense; see “bathroom”

Urine in a dream often indicates our feelings about emotional control. We may either yield to emotion or bottle it up.

The way we deal with urine in dreams often also tells us a great deal about our own sexuality, because they are both instinctive behaviours.

See body

interpreted upon these sides: if he was needy he will become contented, liberated if he was a slave, comforted if he was a prisoner, if he was a traveller he will return to his homeland, if he was a scholar or judge then he will not be commended.

(Also see Excretion; Glass bottle; Impurity; Urinating)

It is the same as seeing the hair of the human body.

A magical liquid, as are all body liquids. Points to sexual or domestic problems.

Dreams of urine signify that you are releasing negativity, non-supportive energy so that your instincts and your intuition may flow more easily in your life. See Laundry.

see Body

To dream of seeing urine, denotes ill health will make you disagreeable and unpleasant with your friends.

To dream that you are urinating, is an omen of bad luck, and trying seasons to love.

A figuratively “pissy” attitude that dampens everyone and everything it touches. Ridding oneself of toxins of a literal or figurative nature, such as addictions. Anger that is not expressed positively (e.g., getting “pissed”).

A way of marking your territory. Animals do this regularly.

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

People and material possessions used to decorate the lives of others... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Charming, alluring... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a tambourine, signifies you will have enjoyment in some unusual event which will soon take place.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Joyful celebration and praise... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. A good time is in the offing.

2. Neglecting serious matters can cause problems down the road.

3. Surprises are in the air. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Drum; Musical instruments) In a dream, a tambourine means adversities, pain and sufferings. It also means fame for the one carrying it.

If a girl dancer carries it in the dream, it means that she may win a lottery, or acquire a publicly known fortune.

The sound of a tambourine in a dream represents a recognized and a baseless fallacy. Seeing a man carrying a tambourine means fame for him and for whoever accompanies him in the dream.

A woman carrying the tambourine in a dream also means that she will become famous, or it could indicates a new social trend. In general, when musical instruments are used in one’s dream, playing them in a festival, a wedding, or in any type of celebration means trials. (Also see Musical instruments)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

Joy, praise, Ps. 81:2, Jer. 31:4 ... Christian Dream Symbols

The Fabric of Dream

A dream of good-luck (Gypsy). The gypsy instrument at festivals.... The Fabric of Dream

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

A major social event that you will perform in or at is suggested by a dream of a tambourine.

If you dream of a Gypsy playing a tambourine you will find it denotes your restlessness at home or work.

To see a new tambourine in a store you will experience some small gains.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

also see Musical Instruments

1- As human beings we need rhythm in our lives. Dreaming of a tambourine, or any such musical instrument, allows us to be in contact with our own basic rhythms.

2- The tambourine can indicate that we have some control over the rhythm and noise in our lives. Particularly if we arc playing the tambourine in a group, we are accepting our ability to participate effectively in life.

3- Traditionally, noise was used to summon or ward off evil spirits.

The tambourine is one such instrument.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

If you play a tambourine, you are going to be held accountable for your actions . . . and are not too happy at the prospects! If you watch someone else playing a tambourine, you will be in a position to call someone to account for their actions.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

The Complete Dream Book

Gayety will come into your life after a dream of seeing a tambourine or hearing it played.... The Complete Dream Book

Encyclopedia of Dreams

A major social event that you will perform in or at is suggested by a dream of a tambourine.

If you dream of a Gypsy playing a tambourine you will find it denotes your restlessness at home or work.

To see a new tambourine in a store you will experience some small gains.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Mystic Dream Book

Forebodes inconstancy in husband or sweetheart; be watchful or a rival will supplant you.... Mystic Dream Book

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a tambourine signify joy, playfulness, and celebration. See Musical Instrument.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

it is [interpreted as] activity and happiness if he heard it from a woman or young girl.

If he heard it from an old man than that indicates good fortune and good luck and state.

If he heard it from a young man then that indicates the enemy’s appearance.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

Dream Meanings of Versatile

See music / rhythm and musical instruments... Dream Meanings of Versatile

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Release of sexual feelings; other people’s sexual attitudes, or their negative sexual attitudes; the flow of life through us. Dreams in which we try to go to the toilet but it is mysteriously locked or closed, may be due to the need to pee during the night. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Dreaming about urinating: it may just be an actual need to relieve yourself.

If that’s not it, relief from a difficult situation is in sight. Dreaming about wetting your bed: practice more abstinence. Drinking urine in a dream: the urine is a symbol of the medicine you need to take to improve your health.

Depth Psychology: Excrement and human waste products are a symbol of relief, of letting go, and setting oneself free. Reacting with disgust means that you’re afraid others will not accept you. See Excrement.... Dreamers Dictionary

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