Velvet, Dream Interpretation

Figurative of luxury; research the color

Vision: Looking at velvet cloth or clothing made from velvet: you will increase in stature. Wearing or stroking velvet clothes: you would like to escape from the daily grind and yearn for a loving relationship. Seeing others in velvet clothes: you will meet powerful people who will be helpful to you.

Depth Psychology: Wearing velvet clothes: you are a bit vain and arrogant. Are you trying to impress people with what you wear? It won’t work! See Clothes, Silk.

See Dress.

Luxury and sensuality.

The symbolic meaning of the color is important.

According to Freud, pubic hair, as in Fur, and sexuality.

If you dream of wearing velvet, you will soon receive an award of some kind or be the subject of admiration.

A fortunate dream, but it will depend largely upon the colour. See COLOUR.

1. Prosperous business ventures.

2. Regal and wealthy, hon­ors bestowed.

3. Pleasurable sensations, softness, suppleness— usually emotional.

Dreams of velvet symbolize luxury, wealth, extravagance, status, and elegance.

It is usuallv the texture and quality that is relevant when a material appears in a dream. It is the sensuousness and softness of velvet which is significant.

In old-style dream interpretation. to dream of velvet was to dream of discord. In modern day interpretation it is more likely to mean the opposite.

Spiritually velvet can dcpict richness and giftedness.

To dream of velvet, portends very successful enterprises.

If you wear it, some distinction will be conferred upon you.

To see old velvet, means your prosperity will suffer from your extreme pride.

If a young woman dreams that she is clothed in velvet garments, it denotes that she will have honors bestowed upon her, and the choice between several wealthy lovers.

To dream you trade with a stranger in velvet, and other fine silks, signifies profit and joy.

To dream that she is wearing a velvet gown predicts to a young woman that she will receive attentions from several wealthy men.

To see velvet in a dream, whether you are Wearing it, or someone else, is usually fortunate, depending on the color. Look up COLOR.

Honor and riches (Artemidorus).

Velvet | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of calves peacefully grazing on a velvety lawn, foretells to the young, happy, festive gatherings and enjoyment. Those engaged in seeking wealth will see it rapidly increasing. See Cattle. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Chain: A chain belt, or similar anicle of dress, denotes union.

Embroidery: Love that could grow to something wonderful.

Fan: Pride, touched with vanity

Feathers: White: a great sense of humor. Black: a pessimistic attitude. Also see Feather.

Garter: A symbol of rank and recognition. You will be promoted, but this will place you in a more vulnerable position. You will have to be much more careful in considering the consequences of your words and actions.

Gauze: Affected modesty

Gloves: Pleasure to come that will be all too brief.

Hat: A new hat is the sign of a surprise.

A hat that is too big is a sign of ostentation.

A hat too small shows that you are overly modest.

Linen: Fortune; abundance.

Muff: Ostentation. You too often do things on a whim.

Needles: Disappointment in love.

Pearls: Tears.

Pins: Contradiction.

Ribbons: Change of employment.

Sash: To be wearing a sash means that you will be singled out for some sort of recognition, but that it will cause jealousy among your friends.

Satin / Silk: Financial gain.

Shoes: See Boots.

Veil: You have something to hide.

Velvet: To dream of black velvet is a portent of a coming death. Purple velvet signifies glory and luxury to come. Red velvet is a dangerous affair that could lead to scandal. Blue velvet is a need for a vacation. Green velvet is a sign of unexpected wealth.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

To see fabric in your dream represents the various pieces that compose your life. Consider the color of the for added significance of the dream. Also see “Satin”, “Silk” and “Velvet”.... My Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of wearing a girdle, and it presses you, denotes that you will be influenced by designing people.

To see others wearing velvet, or jeweled girdles, foretells that you will strive for wealth more than honor.

For a woman to receive one, signifies that honors will be conferred upon her.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a glove represents physical, mental or emotional protection. Your hands symbolize your ability to reach for what you want in life, to have and to hold, and gloves are a way of keeping a distance or softening your approach; like Margaret Thatcher was known for having a steel fist in a velvet glove. You may be keeping yourself at arms length from what you really want or need, either because of formality or a fear of intimacy. See Condom.... Strangest Dream Explanations

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Protection, as in wearing rubber gloves; keeping one’s hands clean’, as in the sense of avoiding ‘dirty busi­ness”; being out of touch. Can also represent someone’s hand —holding their glove would be holding their hand. Picking up a dropped glove: similar to picking up a handkerchief dropped by a woman—an invitation to a relationship. Idioms: hand in glove; iron fist in velvet glove; with kid gloves; with the gloves off. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Psycho Dream Interpretation

Dreams of grass are very prophetic.

A beautiful carpet of grass, like a rolling lawn, promises a quick route toward the realization of one’s ambition.

If the dreamer crushes the grass by walking or running over it, there will be many hindrances before ambition is achieved.

To lovers, the velvety vista of lawn augurs a happy union.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Strength; the material side of life; unbending emo­tions. Idioms: iron fist in velvet glove; iron curtain; man of iron; rule with rod of iron. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Lignite; Velvet-black coal used for jewelry.)In a dream,jet denotes festivities, celebrations, happiness, honor, or marriage. In a dream, jet also represents suspicious money, tainted profits, or a friend for interest, and if one’s wife is pregnant, it means that she will deliver a son.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

It is a fortunate augury to dream of strolling on a velvety green lawn, denoting ease and contentment.... The Complete Dream Book

My Dream Interpretation

To see or wear pants in your dream may suggest you are questioning your role in some situation.

If the pants were dirty and you were trying to clean, this means you want to change something about your personality.

A dream of pants that fit too tightly suggests you feel smothered in a relationship. Torn or ripped pants indicate that there is some flaw in your thinking or thought process - you need to alter your reasoning.

A dream of wearing velvet pants signifies your sensual side.... My Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at silk fabric means a bright future and exciting events ahead. Buying silk: be honest, are you about to cheat on your lover? W earing clothing made from silk: you would love to have the admiration of other people. Are you hiding feelings of inferiority? Weaving silk fabric, or spinning silk thread yourself: vou will have to deal with manv uncertainbes in life. Are you living in a fantasy world?

Depth Psychology: Are you entertaining grandiose ideas? Would you like to ushinen? Don’t overdo it—silk tears easily! See Clothes, Velvet.... Dreamers Dictionary

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