To dream that you have vertigo symbolizes gloominess and family unhappiness.

1. A negative omen regarding domestic affairs.

2. Feelings of being overwhelmed—usually with activities, often with emotions.

3. Possible health problem.

To dream that you have vertigo, foretells you will have loss in domestic happiness, and your affairs will be under gloomy outlooks.

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The Fabric of Dream

Impending danger, a dream of warning (Artemidorus) ; an erotic dream of warning (Freud) ; physiologists interpret this dream as a symptom of vertigo, due to apoplexy, etc.... The Fabric of Dream

The Fabric of Dream

To see one, successful undertakings, probably a change; to cross one, work and anxiety in store; a broken bridge, fear and trouble and a warning to take no steps on an unknown road; to fall from a bridge denotes brain trouble (Artemidorus). These interpretations are distinctly traceable to the subconsciousness.

The symbolism of a bridge spanning water is obviously the subconscious hope of success. ‘Do not cross a bridge,” etc., is the proverb justifying the anticipation of work in store for the dreamer who crosses a bridge in his sleep.

The broken bridge bears its own significance, based upon the subconsciousness that warns the dreamer, while the fall from a bridge is a physical dream stimulated by dizziness, vertigo, etc.... The Fabric of Dream

The Fabric of Dream

Invariably a happy dream, auguring beautiful things to come. Modern dream interpreters, however, classify it as a typical dream induced by vertigo, etc.... The Fabric of Dream

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of being at a great height, it is a warning to avoid getting involved with a person or a group who you know are not good enough for you. Otherwise you will suffer major embarrassment. Also see “Vertigo.”... My Dream Interpretation

The Fabric of Dream

A dream warning you of danger, physica/1 or otherwise (Gypsy). The dreams of whirling or of being whirled are readily attributable to physical causes, headaches, vertigo, etc.... The Fabric of Dream