Symbolic of compassion and helping the helpless

To dream of a veterinarian is a representation that your instinctual side has take control of your life. You must find a way to return to your more civilized nature before you destroy the things around you.

In a dream, a veterinarian is a person who adorns and beautifies distinguished and honored people, and who supports and assists them in developing strength. Seeing a veterinarian in a dream also means performing a marriage ceremony, travels, a pharmacist or a merchant. In a dream, a veterinarian also means nursing the wounded soldiers in the battlefield.

A veterinarian in a dream also may be interpreted as one’s physician, one who practices righteousness, a wise man, a specialist in setting broken bones, cupping, or practicing bloodletting medicine.

If you dream of a veterinarian, you are needing more love and acceptance from your family.

Dreams of a Veterinarian signify that you are caring and have compassion for the innocent, helpless, sweet and vulnerable parts of yourself. You are tending to and caring for your animal instincts.

Veterinarian | Dream Meanings

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