Voyage, Dream Interpretation

A new undertaking, relationship or way of life Sometimes the voyage of discovery into one’s inner life. See traveling; boat.

See “boat”

See boat / ship and journey

A message from a distance is soon to be received.

1. News is in the offing.

2. A new phase of life is beginning.

3. An inheritance or legacy is in the offing.

Dreams of a voyage signify that you are taking an excursion into the waters of your unconscious, uncharted, sacred, sexual, mysterious, intuitive feminine and mystical nature. This may be an integration dream where you are attempting to bring light to your shadow and shadow into your light. See Journey.

see Journey

To make a voyage in your dreams, foretells that you will receive some inheritance besides that which your labors win for you.

A disastrous voyage brings incompetence, and false loves.

Ill luck in love affairs is foretold by dreaming of disaster on a sea voyage.

An inheritance is foretold by a dream of going on a long voyage to a country you do not know.

Voyage | Dream Interpretation

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