Waffle, Dream Interpretation

Foolish talk

To dream of a plain waffle may indicate a wish to express the self in a fancier way, but you may be unsure how this will be judged by others. Dreaming of a waffle adorned with cream and fruit may indicate that you have qualities that excite you, but you haven’t had the courage to share with others yet.

To dream that you are ‘waffling’ suggests that you are afraid to come out and say what you really think,so you tend to beat around the bush for too long before coming to the point. By the time you get to the point, people may have lost interest.

Old and well-known symbol for female sexuality, domesticity, and enjoyment.

1- To waffle, in the sense of talking unnecessarily at length, can be translated by the dreamer as the need to control his self- expression.

If someone else is waffling in a dream, the indication is that in real life the dreamer needs to listen very carefully to instructions. He may not trust the speaker.

2- To dream of eating a waffle suggests a need to approach life in a different way We need to adopt a more down-to-earth approach to achieve success in relationships.

3- This image can have the same significance as a wafer (see Wafer).

Waffle | Dream Interpretation

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of waffles signify a treat, reward, or forthcoming special occasion. See Breakfast.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

Making or serving waffles in a dream forecasts an exciting and satisfying increase in social activity.

To dream of eating waffles signifies success in your current undertakings.... My Dream Interpretation

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